March 12, 2003

SPRING IS HERE, it's sunny and in the 70s, and I played hooky from the deskwork I should be doing long enough to take a stroll around campus.

Here's a shot of the law school, from the Student Center. It's a beautiful day, and I should be out enjoying it. Instead I'm getting ready to judge a practice argument for the Trademark Law moot court team.

Meanwhile, the Frederick Douglass Moot Court team is heading off to the national finals. They're doing better this year than they did the year I coached them. . . .

UPDATE: My colleague Gary Pulsinelli -- law professor, Ph.D in virology, god of patent and trademark law and, most importantly, Trademark Team coach -- reminds me that his team is on the way to the national finals, too. Yeah, I should have been clearer than that. Moot court rocks!