February 21, 2003

I'M BLOGGING from the Marbury v. Madison symposium here at the University of Tennessee law school. Right now William Nelson (pictured at right, courtesy of my digicam) is speaking, and he's talking about juries, and the way in which jury supremacy came under attack in the 1790s as the "elites" found that juries were insufficiently deferential, something he connects to the Sedition Act. Very interesting stuff.

Sadly, Bill Van Alstyne fell ill and won't be here. That also means that my talk has been extended, which may limit my conference-blogging this morning. More later. (You can always read Lileks if there's not enough for you here).

You can find a summary of the Marbury decision and why it's important here; and you can find a link to the full text of the opinion here.