February 19, 2003

JUST SENT OUT THANK-YOU EMAILS to people who have donated via PayPal over the past couple of months. I should have done it sooner, but I'm not very well set up for that kind of thing here. The Amazon donations, which used to be almost all I got, are anonymous unless someone affirmatively chooses to let me know, so I don't get many emails from those. And until I took off the $2.50 cap on the PayPal donations, I hardly got any of those, either. I just wasn't prepared and hadn't even thought about how I'd handle the comparative flood of donations that came in when I made that change.

Anyway, I sent a nice thank you email to each donor -- not a bulk mailing, but one at a time -- which was inefficient but nice. What with the hatemail flood of recent weeks, it was very pleasant to sit down with a list of people who like the site enough to actually send money.

Thanks to reader Robert Liss for gently suggesting that I should do that. And thanks again to everyone who donated.