February 19, 2003


Even the leftist Libération's editorial is criticizing Chirac today. Here's the link and my translation of the first paragraph.


Who has just missed an opportunity to shut up? Answer: Jacques Chirac, who rebuked Monday evening the governments of the countries about to adhere to the European Union because of their instinctive backing of George W Bush's warmongering . Scolding publicly their standpoint, Chirac repeated the American leaders's mistake when they picked at "old Europe" and asked their partners to be either "with or against them " when attacking Iraq. Arrogance is never a good policy. The worst is that this does not seem to be a slip of the tongue, since Michele Alliot-Marie, turning herself into a Jeanne d' Arc, threatened to expel the pro-Americans from the sacred lands of the EU through the non-ratification of the Adherence Treaties , while Villepin opened fire talking about "bad manners".

It's a coordinated effort at self-destruction. And it's working!