February 18, 2003


LOS ANGELES, Feb. 18 (UPI) -- A resolution opposing an attack on Iraq failed to pass in the Los Angeles City Council Tuesday after spirited public testimony that included statements from celebrities and the ejection of an elderly woman from the council chambers. . . .

Asner railed against the "failed" Bush administration and ventured that the Iraq crisis and the war against terrorism were "aimed at keeping the (American) people intimidated."

The testimony was largely orderly, although two police officers escorted a white-haired woman in a "Green Power" T-shirt out of the packed council chambers after she was declared out of order.

It's always bothered me to hear the dumb political stuff that Ed Asner says. Lou Grant is Asner's only claim to fame. I liked Lou Grant. And Lou Grant would never have said any of the dumb stuff that Ed Asner says.

I guess that proves that Asner can act, anyway.