February 15, 2003

SETTING A SERIOUS TONE FOR DISCUSSIONS OF WAR AND PEACE, these Australian antiwar marchers don the traditional stilts and pointed bras. Here's a link to a gallery of photos illustrating these marchers' deep concern with geopolitics, the spread of weapons of mass destruction, and the importance of creating a stable world order in which papier-mache puppets can live in harmony with one another. (Note the requisite "Uncle Sam is a terrorist" signs. See, the Americans are fighting terrorists, but when you read Chomsky it turns out that -- get this -- they're the real terrorists! Deep, huh?)

Somehow, I suspect that this will set the tone for the day. But then, these protests have been essentially the same since the nuclear-freeze marches of twenty years ago.

And those guys were wrong, and tools of dictatorial foreign powers, too. Apparently some things never go out of fashion.

UPDATE: Reader Andrew Maizels emails:

Glenn - take a look at the middle picture in the top row. The guy holding the sign that says "Howard Don't Make Us Targets"?

Message to this guy: We (I'm an Aussie too) *are* targets. Have people forgotten the Bali bombing already?

They choose not to remember.

UPDATE: Hey, I'm on IndyMedia!