January 21, 2003

SOME PRETTY STRONG EVIDENCE has emerged vindicating John Lott: Someone who was interviewed for his 1997 survey. Julian Sanchez has more.

I should say, by the way, that I've seen the email Sanchez excerpts, and other discussion about it, on an email list to which I subscribe. I don't blog directly from that list, because of list etiquette, but I can vouch for Sanchez's post.

UPDATE: Steve Verdon has some further comments on a Lott-related issue. And I should note that Lott has shared his income tax forms for 1997 (which show money paid for research) and the data from his forthcoming study replicating the 1997 study (which produces a result consistent with his claims for the earlier study) with other scholars, including Jim Lindgren.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Here's more from Clayton Cramer, Megan McArdle, and Tim Lambert.