January 18, 2003

YOU ASKED FOR IT: Evidence of Saddam's nuclear program:

The documents seized at the homes of the two scientists, however, confirm what Western intelligence has been arguing all along, that Saddam is continuing with his quest to develop the first Arab atom bomb.

Ever since the inspectors arrived back in Iraq two-and-a-half months ago, Saddam has gone to extraordinary lengths to conceal the true nature of his nuclear weapons programme. . . .

That's a "material breach," of course -- but no doubt Saddam's apologists will soon start arguing that it doesn't prove that he has weapons now, that he deserves them anyway to resist U.S. hegemony, etc., etc.

(Via LGF).

UPDATE: Even the Guardian is backing war with Iraq now. Kind of an anticlimax for the peace protests, isn't it? I mean, if you've lost the Guardian, (well, strictly speaking it's the Guardian/Observer, but still. . . .) who have you got?

Oh, wait! I know! I know that one! Call on me!