December 21, 2002

ERIN O'CONNOR has been all over the Boalt sexual harassment story. Here's the latest installment, which features this observation:

Interesting at Boalt how fast it has all moved past the guilt or innocence of a single faculty member (who was never actually charged with anything) to the collective guilt of the entire male faculty, none of whom have (presumably) done anything. Nevertheless, in true Stalinist fashion, this is going to be used as a pretext for punitive measures against them as a group, including the now-usual re-reducation and a de facto hiring and promotion freeze of male faculty. What's even worse is the supine way this is all being accepted as inevitable.

Stefan Sharkansky has been doing, er, Useful Work, too. Here's his latest post demonstrating how one-sided and agenda-driven the news coverage of this event has been. And scroll down on his page (and Erin's) for much, much more on this topic.

My advice to male faculty at Boalt -- go somewhere more civilized. You won't regret it.