December 18, 2002

RACINE RAVE UPDATE: Peter Karas reports that prosecutors in Racine are growing ever-more-desperate to avoid a trial of all those they arrested in a mass raid earlier this fall. They've reduced the charge again, but almost no one is agreeing to a plea bargain.

After what happened in Houston, they should be nervous. The ACLU is suing, and this could be expensive for Racine. And it should be.

Speaking of Techno (well, really D&B), I just got a CD in the mail from DJ/producer/former blogger Pieter K -- it's called Everything All The Time. I met Pieter at the UCLA weblog panel last year, but I didn't realize he was such a big deal. But the Amazon page for the CD lists impressive reviews from URB and Mixer, which makes him a big deal indeed. I'd hoped there would be streaming audio, but there's not. Sorry.