December 13, 2002

DRUDGE SAYS that Lott will apologize again. Josh Chafetz has a source who says Lott will probably step down as Majority Leader. Reading David Frum's take this morning, I think a Lott step-down announcement this afternoon continues to look likely. Here's what Frum says:

1. The president has never much liked Trent Lott.
2. Bush sees himself as the first Republican president in a generation to campaign explictly for black votes – a campaign compromised by Lott’s indiscretion.
3. The White House fully expects further damaging disclosures about him.
4. In the White House’s view, these disclosures will probably embolden senators to challenge Lott’s leadership.

It couldn’t be clearer if the president actually pulled the lever on the trap door himself, could it?

I'll miss it -- I'm about to leave town for the weekend, and probably won't post again until late this evening if at all. But stay tuned.

I wonder if Lott has read Michelle Malkin's column today?