November 11, 2002

HERE'S AN ARTICLE putting law professor / blogger Eugene Volokh on the short list for a Supreme Court appointment.

Eugene would certainly get my vote, but I suspect that the Senate would consider him a bit young for the job.

You know, though, Bush could throw the Democrats in the Senate into a tizzy by appointing, say, Randy Barnett -- a law professor from Boston University with experience as a criminal prosecutor, whose pro-choice credentials would confuse Democrats, as would his pro-gun credentials. As far as I'm concerned, it would be worth it just for the confusion it would create.

UPDATE: Alex Knapp emails:

I know you mentioned it as kind of a throwaway idea, but I think that Barnett would make one helluva Supreme Court Justice. Hell, arguments between Barnett, Thomas, and Scalia over what originalism really means alone would insure one of the most intellectually stimulating Courts ever. Saw Barnett at last years Federalist Society conference last year and loved hearing him trash Bork on the Ninth Amendment. I swear one or two of the more sensitive conservatives fainted.

I'd love to see it.