October 26, 2002

BURIED IN THE ANTIWAR COVERAGE: A true man-bites-dog story that isn't getting much play:

All in all it's exactly the same as every other story written to cover every other recent Iraq war protest. However, buried down at the bottom of the article is this little nugget:

About 500 Iraqi exiles came to Washington to show support for efforts to remove Saddam from power.

Tamir Musa, an Iraqi who has lived in Michigan for 10 years, said, "The war is good if it goes to kill Saddam Hussein. He has a lot of bombs. He's terrorist number one."

The focus of the story is on the hundreds of thousands of anti-war protesters, but their presence is to be as expected as flies on a dog turd. And considering the anti-war machine has done this exact same protest two or three times recently, how is this big news? On the other hand, 500 Iraqis show up in Washington to support the war, and this isn't big enough news to warrant more than two tiny paragraphs at the bottom of the anti-war article?

Apparently not.

UPDATE: Here's another report on the protests, where Palestinian flags were much in evidence.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Here are some photos of the Iraqi demonstrators with "Kill Saddam" signs, etc.

YET ANOTHER UPDATE: Here's a firsthand blog account of the protests.