August 04, 2002

HARVARD LAW SCHOOL'S SHOOTING CLUB, along with a similar club at Mount Holyoke, are featured in this surprisingly sympathetic article in The Boston Globe:

Alexander ''Sasha'' Volokh, who describes himself as ''a bit of a troublemaker'' and a supporter of gun rights, admits he was trying to create a stir when he founded the Harvard Law School Target Shooting Club last fall. To his surprise, his club was not drummed off campus but instead attracted 120 members, 100 from the law school and 20 undergraduates.

''The administration hasn't given me any grief,'' said Volokh, a third-year law student from West Hollywood, Calif. The club recently received $300 from the university's activities fund.

The Harvard shooting club took four field trips last year to a gun range in Manchester, N.H., and hosted a talk by John Lott, a researcher with data that he says show that concealed-weapons laws deter crime. Volokh said he plans to screen the film ''Red Dawn'' because it portrays young people using guns as ''a force for good.''

There's a sea change in attitudes going on.