March 27, 2005

NOT 95 THESES, BUT 11: Bill Quick nails his complaints about the GOP to the church door, and offers a proposal for change:

Am I suggesting the formation of a new party? No, not at the moment. But we do have tools available to us, most especially the Internet and blogs., as much as I dislike its goals, has perfected these as a method of exerting enormous influence. It has, in effect, taken over the machinery of the Democratic party. What they did, we can do as well, and I am proposing that we do it.

Only in a more moderate way, I hope.

UPDATE: Read this, too.

ANOTHER UPDATE: More dissatisfaction here, from the retired publisher of the Omaha World Herald: “I would think that I’m not the only Republican who feels the party’s leadership has engaged in an irresponsible and perhaps unprecedented effort to subvert the traditional separation of government powers.”