February 6, 2014

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: K.C. Johnson: More Grotesque Sex Hearings At Yale.

So a Yale faculty member was suspended solely–at least according to the Spangler document–on the basis of an anonymous complaint. Even if the professor is ultimately exonerated, this move exemplifies the remarkable, unchecked power given to virtually anyone on the Yale campus to commence a witch hunt against a male student or even faculty member who has crossed the accuser.

And, finally, the case from the current report that (unintentionally) best reveals the Kafka-esque environment that now prevails at Yale. Spangler indicates that “an anonymous [graduate] student reported that a [graduate] student, who was not identified, made inappropriate remarks of a sexual nature.”

The investigation, Spangler informs us, “is pending.”

Would you pay a small fortune to send your son there?