January 19, 2014

LUGGAGEBLOGGING: Andrew Morriss writes that his wife likes the Hartmann carryon bag I recommended in response to his bleg a while back: “She likes the bag – it fits under the seat well, it seems rugged, and holds the laptop and a fair bit of other stuff without bulging. A winner!” The Insta-Wife has that bag and loves it.

Likewise, I continue to like the Everki laptop briefcase and the Briggs & Riley garment bag, both of which kept me organized and wrinkle-free on my recent NYC book trip. The multiple zipper pockets in the laptop bag are especially handy for keeping all the various cords, plugs, etc. sorted and easy to deal with. On a day-to-day basis I sometimes wish I’d gotten the next smaller model, since I usually just carry a MacBook Air, but when I travel the extra space comes in handy; I pack a spare shirt and a few other minor necessities in case my checked bag gets lost.

Helping the Insta-Daughter pack her new suitcases, we both commented that nice luggage actually does make a difference.