December 12, 2013

LUGGAGEBLOGGING: Andrew Morriss writes:

So I’ve bought the excellent suit bag you recommended and the truly awesome laptop bag, which is The Best Laptop Bag Ever (and I have tried many). How about your thoughts on a rolling, under the seat/overhead in regional jet bag that can hold a change of clothes and laptop? My wife is looking for one and your recommendations have been so much better than our alternative sources of information. And we’ll buy it via your Amazon link!

Hmm. Well, if it weren’t for the laptop requirement, I’d recommend this without hesitation, as it’s just a smaller version of the suit bag above. Helen has this Hartmann carryon, which has wheels and a laptop pocket. We’ve fit it in overheads on smaller jets, but since it’s hard-sided it may not work on all of them. So I’m going to open this up to the Insta-Readership for suggestions. Suggest away!