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ISIS' Theater of Evil and the Thirst for Blood

ISIS' snuff films and their surprisingly diverse audience demographics.

Can Congress Pass Digital Privacy Reform Legislation?

Can Congress Pass Digital Privacy Reform Legislation?

“Law enforcement always seems to push the envelope as to whether they can do what they’re doing to get information."

Global Anti-Western Agitprop?

Global Anti-Western Agitprop?

Eurasia Review, a global information site, aggregates a range of anti-American writings.


How Big Government Ruined Parks and Recreation

How Big Government Ruined <i>Parks and Recreation</i>

Predictable ideology has made the show about as entertaining as a health code referendum.

Obama Sending 350 Troops to Protect Baghdad Embassy

Obama Sending 350 Troops to Protect Baghdad Embassy

Pentagon says this brings "total forces responsible for augmenting diplomatic security in Iraq up to approximately 820."

Dianne Feinstein’s—and the Left’s—Cognitive Dissonance on Guns

Dianne Feinstein’s—and the Left’s—Cognitive Dissonance on Guns

The left fears the power of America's citizenry more than they fear her enemies such as ISIS. What does that tell you about who they are?

White House Says It ‘Dedicated Significant Time and Resources’ to Rescue Sotloff

White House Says It ‘Dedicated Significant Time and Resources’ to Rescue Sotloff

A few days' warning came from ISIS-supporter accounts.

Was Michael Sam Cut Because of ‘Homophobia’? (Cowboys Pick Sam Up for the Practice Squad)

That didn't take long.

ISIS Beheads American Journalist Steven Sotloff


VIDEO: Coach Rippetoe Puts PJ Media on Starting Strength (Part Two)

What's it like to learn from the best -- in your own home gym? With cameras rolling, the legendary strength coach visits, and gives PJM readers a private seminar. ( Click here for Part One.)

‘Yes Means Yes’ to a New Generation of Powerless Women

Feminists turn to the men in power to clean up their mess.

Obama on GOPs: ‘Break Those Folks Down,’ Like How He Got Michelle to Marry Him

"Let’s embrace some economic patriotism that says we rise or fall together," he tells union crowd.

Biden Tells Union Works They Deserve ‘Fair Share’ of Corporate Profits

What if you're a janitor? Should you get paid more because corporate profits went up?

Mythologies and Pathologies of the California Drought

Hard-left Sacramento's real motto? “We think it up, you live it out.”

The Top 10 Most Worthy Bond Villains

Nobody does it better. But these are the best ten who tried.

7 Things to NEVER Say to a Full-Term Pregnant Woman

Unless you want to get punched in the face.

Web Gem: Ronald Reagan’s 1980 Labor Day Speech

"We can have a bigger pie and that'll mean bigger slices for every one of us."

A 10-Film Introduction to America’s Turn-of-the-Century ‘Small Wars’

Between the Civil War and World War II the United States fought in a number of conflicts, some memorialized on film.

Is a Great Company a Conspiracy to Change the World?

"If you find a secret, you face a choice: Do you tell anyone? Or do you keep it to yourself?"

Sderot and Afterwards

What goes for Israel goes for the U.S.

Ted Cruz Hints at What His Presidential Campaign Might Look Like

Metrics, evangelicals, and Reagan Democrats are key.

12 Questions with Monti Carlo, MasterChef Season 3 Star and Host of Make My Food Famous

The Top 5 finalist from Season 3 talks about her new show, life as a single mom, and what the MasterChef judges are really like.

President George W. Obama Lashes Out at Media Over Sinking Poll Numbers

Our recently retired president nostalgically longs for the good ol' days of only three friendly TV networks.

Notorious Anti-Semitic British MP Attacked on London Street

"Gorgeous" George Galloway assaulted following his decree that his district should be an "Israeli-free zone."

Why Israel Defeated—But Didn’t Crush—Hamas

Netanyahu has more than Gaza on his plate.

Obama: Social Media’s Fault Americans Think the World Is ‘Falling Apart’

Where's Kevin Bacon when you need him?

Former High School Basketball Player Sues in Federal Court After Being Cut From Team

He claims school violated his First and Fourteenth Amendment rights.

Big Country’s Big Enduring Scottish Rock

The Edge said that the Scottish rock band Big Country “wrote the songs that U2 wished we could write.” An interview with the band's co-founder and guitarist Bruce Watson.

Three Years in the Hands of Iran for Marine Veteran Amir Hekmati

1,095 days: "He is innocent, yet continues to be held against his will, thousands of miles away from his family in Michigan."

The Islamic-Supremacist Enclave in Minnesota

No one should be surprised when Somali immigrants appear on the battlefield in Iraq.

Hillary Is In No Rush

There are a couple major reasons for delaying any announcement that her candidacy is official.

NAACP Leader Sides with Rand Paul on Police Militarization

NAACP Leader Sides with Rand Paul on Police Militarization

“I think civil rights charges are in order," official says of what should face Ferguson officer.

Ring of Fire

Ring of Fire

What happens when a "fierce minimalist" like Obama meets a fierce fire like the current Middle East?

Congress Whips Up Own Strategies to Fight ISIS as GOPs, Dems Unite on ‘Threat to the Entire World’

Congress Whips Up Own Strategies to Fight ISIS as GOPs, Dems Unite on ‘Threat to the Entire World’

While State Department official gives hint at administration strategy: counting on tribal leaders to tire of ISIS.

Islamist Militias Steal Airliners in Libya; You Can Probably Guess Where This is Going

Islamist Militias Steal Airliners in Libya; You Can Probably Guess Where This is Going

Guided missiles.

A Few Thoughts About the Big Hollywood Naked Hack

A Few Thoughts About the Big Hollywood Naked Hack

Don't be an idiot.

My ‘Stroke’ of Good Luck

My ‘Stroke’ of Good Luck

I'm still in the hospital recovering after a month but it could have been much worse.

Dem Senator: America Doesn’t Want an ‘Itchy Trigger Finger’ to Stop ISIS

The terrorists who have itchy knife hands.

Obama Called ISIS ‘Jayvee’ When the Intel Said They Were Already Varsity

Has Obama been reading his PDBs?

Pool Party at the U.S. Embassy in Libya! Infidels Not Invited.

Wish you were here!

5 Non-Muslims Who Know More About Islam than the Caliph of the Islamic State

Barack Obama has made it perfectly clear: “ISIL speaks for no religion. Their victims are overwhelmingly Muslim, and no faith teaches people to massacre innocents.”

‘The Secret Torment of Joni Mitchell’

How much does misanthropy and self-hatred impact a person's health?

Was Mark Schauer Jennifer Granholm’s Lap Dog During Michigan’s ‘Decade From Hell’?

Michigan Democrats hit back with the traveling Snyder Chair.

When the Taco Bell Drive-Thru Becomes Art

Capitalism is all about heart.

The Top 10 Reasons Why the Star Wars Prequels Sucked

With new films coming, we can speak freely of this now.

My ISIS Strategy

It's time to obliterate ISIS.

A Life Based on ‘Crossing the Street’

Once vibrant and diverse, black culture has devolved into something disturbingly conformist and stunted. Despite criticism from his "brederin," England's Don Letts has always stepped over the artificial racial boundaries drawn around music, film, fashion and taste.

10 Ways to Have a Child on the Cheap

How to pay for a baby without breaking the bank.

Report: 3 More Americans Killed Fighting with ISIS in Syria

Two other Americans killed in Syria last week already identified.

The 10 Most Underrated Live-Action Disney Films

Some Disney films just don't get the love that they deserve.

Evolution of the Obama Doctrine

Do you feel safer now than you did six years ago?

The Left’s Attempt to Institutionalize the Re-Writing of U.S. History

A new step forward in their "long march through the existing institutions." Update: now with an addendum by distinguished historian Jeffrey Herf on Reagan's foreign policy.

What It Means to Say You’re an Old Person in a Young Person’s Body

Generation Geezer.

U.S. Air Strikes Help Break Siege of Amirli

But we can't save everybody.

Rotherham: A Quintessentially Liberal Scandal

Modern liberalism forces us to fight Islamist evil with one hand tied behind our backs, if we're permitted to fight it at all.

The Trouble Is that Obama DOES Have a Strategy

And that strategy is accommodation with Iran at all costs.

What Could Terrorists Do to Vegas?

Al-Qaeda again urges an attack on a symbol of American decadence.

The Actual Top 10 NES Games

What were the best titles of the 8-bit gaming era?

Judicial Watch: A Terrorist Attack On the Texas-Mexico Border is ‘Imminent’ (Updated)

Insecure. With the 13th anniversary of 9-11 also imminent. ALSO READ: Islamic State's English Magazine Published Online

Latest Big Lie: ‘We Have No Strategy’

The Obama administration does have a strategy, but they prefer to appear indecisive. Here's why...

Top 5 Things to Watch in College Football’s Opening Weekend

Do you smell that? It’s college football season!