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Your ObamaCare Fail of the Day [Weekend Edition]

December 28th, 2013 - 2:54 pm

Tried to take a few minutes to rest after spending the whole day prepping for Number One Son’s eighth birthday party, but then this hit my inbox:

Twice ‘Cancelled’ in IA: We learn today that 16,000 Iowans who had endured the trials of online Obamacare enrollment at, and thought they had coverage starting January 1, were told Friday night that they must re-apply on the Iowa healthcare site. On Dec 27. It’s very doubtful that these Iowans – who thought they were already covered starting Jan 1 – will be able to re-apply on the Iowa exchange in time.

Especially since the Iowa healthcare site is down for apparently scheduled maintenance the day after the announcement. A call Saturday to the toll-free number mentioned in the KCCI story linked above was met with an automated attendant stating that the DHS offices are closed.

Click that second link and, sure enough, Iowa’s site is scheduled to be down until 7PM Central Saturday evening. But isn’t that when most people do their health insurance shopping?



Sunday probably isn’t a big day either, what with all those gun-toting bitter clingers going to their churches and whatnot. So they’d better be ready for a rush on Monday, because Tuesday is party day.

And Wednesday… what a hangover.

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I think it is awful that Obama and Iowa Congressman Braley have hammered Iowans with Obamacare that doesn't work. Millions losing their coverage and doctor when Braley promised they could keep both, millions more having to pay more when Braley promised they'd pay less. Braleycare has threatened insurance jobs in Iowa because this approach to health insurance is designed to fail, crush the insurance companies and lead to single payer government misrun health care. Braley wants to be Iowa's senator. The only guy who deserves a promotion is Dr Ben Carson who has warned us that Obama/braleycare is a disaster. Join the effort to draft Carson for President at
1 year ago
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Well, the individual market's in chaos. Does anyone think the employer mandate will remain in 2014?
1 year ago
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