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Panic in the McAuliffe Camp?

November 5th, 2013 - 7:18 am


Early Monday morning I got a mass email from Conservative Intel, highlighting a poll showing Cuccinelli just one point behind. I scoffed at it, because damn near every other poll showed McAuliffe taking the governor’s mansion in a 6-10 point blowout.

But flat-out lying robocalls like these are the flop-sweat of political campaigns in last-minute trouble. Any guesses what ObamaCare is doing to McAuliffe’s internal polls?

It’s going to take a near-miracle for Cuccinelli to pull this one off, but yesterday I wouldn’t have given him even miracle odds.

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All Comments   (2)
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Having lived in VA I find it hard that they would elect a carpetbagging huckster like McAuliffe. That said they get what they deserve.

VA has a lot of nice safeguards built in, like it's not a party ticket. The Lt Governor is separate. and they tend to have a moderate legislature.

He can only last four years also. They only get one term, although a lot of damage can happen in four years.

I predict endless battles in Richmond, and ignominious term cut short by a Clinton run in 2016.
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Party of Stupid better get ready for 2014.
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