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Game Developers Betting Heavily on Mobile

March 25th, 2013 - 3:32 pm

Pretty sure this is a first:

If you only read one gaming statistic this week, let it be this one: In a pre-conference survey, GDC 2013’s organizers found that 58 percent of gaming professionals attending either last year’s conference or this one plan to release their next game on smartphones or tablets. That’s a tad greater than commitments to the Xbox 360, Microsoft’s next console, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Wii U and Wii combined, which together garnered “next game” pledges from 56.5 percent of developers.[Emphasis in original]

Keep in mind that mobile games sell for a few bucks, while the big console games retail new for $60.

The more interesting number, and I wish they’d reported this, is what the combined developer interest is in the dedicated portables, like Gameboy and PSP. My guess is: A lot less than Android and iOS.

(H/T, The Bearded One.)

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Mobile gaming really is genius. It's mostly just exploiting the natural impatience of almost every human being and restricting their gaming experience unless they start paying more money. Some of these crap games that could have been coded by an 8-year-old are pulling in $20 million in profit a month. Some of them, even more. So yes, great business idea, but bad for gaming in general. Mobile games, overall, just really suck. I typically like playing games for the story, experience, etc. Hence, I never really play games on my phone for more than a day or two.
1 year ago
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When it comes to marketing, I have so much disconnect with what the real mass market is interested in, that I have to just look sage, rub my chin and make sophisticated noises ... but like you I can't see any future in handheld dedicated game boxes like Gameboy or PSP. Android or iOS based has destroyed any interest in non-general purpose mobile devices.
1 year ago
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