PoliwoodClimategate03In the new POLIWOOD – Climategate Hits Hollywood: Should the Academy Rescind Gore’s Oscar? – Lionel and I – two Academy members ourselves – ask and answer the question du jour. Of course, you know what our answer will be (well, they’re slightly different, but actually come to the same thing – a difference of methodology). And of course you know the chance of the Academy actually doing it – somewhere between none and none (slim not even applicable in this case). Alas, Al Gore will go to his grave a VERY wealthy man for his highly unscientific endeavors. And he probably sleeps well too. Whoever said life was just? But please enjoy the POLIWOOD. Your comments, as always, welcome. Unlike Al, Lionel and I will debate the subject with anyone. (One at a time, please.)

UPDATE: According to the Washington Times, someone may have been listening to us.