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In a Strange Land

March 21st, 2014 - 9:34 pm

There’s an old joke  told among petty criminals in Manila, where suspects are routinely intimidated by the cops till they confess. The story goes that a suspect had his head repeatedly dunked into a toilet bowl. The cop, not contented, produced a plastic spoon and ordered the suspect to slurp up the foul liquid. This the suspect did, until nearing the bottom he suddenly threw away the plastic spoon.

“This has gone too far,” the petty criminal said.

“What do you mean?” the Manila cop asked.

“Look, there’s a fly in it,” the suspect said. “How can I drink that?”

I got the same feeling in reading about the saga of UC professor Mireille Miller-Young, who has been charged by the Santa Barbara District Attorney for theft, assault, and vandalism against a group of pro-life protesters whose sign she snatched and one of whose members she slightly injured in a minor scuffle. Miller-Young claims she was “triggered” by the sight of the pro-life signs and her emotions took it from there.

Stephanie Gilmore at The Feminist Wire lost no time in supporting Miller-Young, describing what happened to the professor as “domestic terrorism is intended ‘to intimidate or coerce a civilian population’” — meaning Miller-Young —  from feeling safe at her workplace. It went on to say: “a court of law will determine the outcome of any legal actions that result from the situation. Legal agencies will also determine whether or not the actions of groups like LA Survivors are terroristic. But I stand [emphasis mine] with Mireille Miller-Young because she stands with women – ALL women – in the face of political intimidation and harassment. She is a warrior who deserves our support and praise.”

So far it was the same old license to feel indignation, the same old screeds. But a comment by an admirer of the Feminist Wire, Heidi Cautrell, who discovered a unnoticed thought crime had been committed, made it interesting.

Cautrell noted traces of  ableism in Gilmore’s article. Ableism is a vile and heathen practice in certain parts of the UC system, deserving of the fear and opprobrium once accorded voodoo and Satan-worship, both now thankfully perfectly respectable points of view.  The comment goes:

Heidi Cautrell on March 20, 2014 at 9:12 am

Just a suggestion, “stand with” is abelist toward those who are unable to stand. Other alternatives would be: support, solidarity, back, advocate.

Otherwise, the article is great and I fully support Professor Miller-Young and all she’s gone through.

“Stand with” is objectionable. Why did Gilmore use the phrase “stand with?” She risks being seen as an abelist or ableist, depending on your spelling preferences, a practitioner of ableism:

a form of discrimination or social prejudice against people with disabilities. It may also be referred to as disability discrimination, physicalism, handicapism, and disability oppression. It is also sometimes known as disablism, although there is some dispute as to whether ableism and disablism are synonymous, and some people within disability rights circles find the latter term’s use inaccurate. Discrimination faced by those who have or are perceived to have a mental disorder is sometimes called mentalism rather than ableism.

“Abelist” is a word from the world of Mireille Miller-Young, Stephanie Gilmore and Heidi Cautrell. If you don’t recognize the word, you might be forgiven. The Left is another country. They do things differently there. Even the words are different. The inhabitants of that strange country routinely refer to objects you might not recognize. They talk about Whiteness Theory, Phallogocentrism, Gynocriticism, and the Écriture féminine as you would WD-40, grass, spare tires or doorknobs.  They are everyday objects of their world though you may never have heard of them.

If it has never occurred to you that to use the phrase “to stand with” is a mortal insult then you’re not with it.

The reaction against “ableism” is strange in the way that a Manila vagrant found it objectionable to suck up a fly when he’s already slurped a gallon full of ordure. You can’t see the point, but he could.  The inhabitants of the strange country take umbrage for reasons known only to themselves and it’s all that matters. It’s a clash of cultures, a collision between one part of America and another.

The pro-life demonstrators holding up their poster can be forgiven for thinking they were still in America. After all they had crossed no marked boundaries. So they thought it was alright to peaceably assemble. But in reality they had wandered into the precincts of some strange tribe where such things are not tolerated; a kind of Twilight Zone; a place governed by mysterious customs, prey to obscure taboos and worshipping some monstrous, unnamed  idol. Everything was different there. Thus what followed was predictable.

When Mireille Miller-Young snatched away the banner from Joan and Thrin Short, she was doing no more than fulfilling her tribal duty, defending her “workplace” against some interloper from Flyover Country, rumored to exist somewhere beyond the borders of the University of California, a place imbued with strange ideas about the First Amendment and the Constitution.

Communities on the left have built for themselves internal cities; some quite extensive and which are spreading all the time. These are gated communities where only initiates can pass unnoticed. In these strange inbred towns the signs mean something different and the whispers something more different still. Outsiders arriving in this world would find everything inverted. It was as HP Lovecraft once described his nightmare town:

he spoke of the city; for instead of describing any definite structure or building, he dwells only on broad impressions of vast angles and stone surfaces—surfaces too great to belong to any thing right or proper for this earth, and impious with horrible images and hieroglyphs. I mention his talk about angles because it suggests something Wilcox had told me of his awful dreams. He had said that the geometry of the dream-place he saw was abnormal, non-Euclidean, and loathsomely redolent of spheres and dimensions apart from ours.

When Mireille saw Joan, she saw an invasion.

Neither Mireille Miller-Young nor the Short sisters are bad people judged by the standards of their own cultures. But they are different cultures.  Mireille Miller-Young has a simple desire: not to stop until her tribe conquers all the rest. And in that she is just as ordinary; just as commonplace, just as unimaginative as any tribesperson who ever lived in the long and doleful history of the world.

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The students peacefully assembling on a public campus to petition for a redress of grievances are forgotten, even in our comments. Miller-Young can call them terrorists for imposing on her workplace. Their rights, as women and students, to not want a society that treats human beings as disposable objects are not even considered.
44 weeks ago
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"a simple desire: not to stop until her tribe conquers all the rest"

That is what explains the emotional resonance between such as Miller-Young and Islam. Not only are they defined by their hatred of the Other but they hate the same Other as a greater threat to their ambitions than they find each other. The goals for both are also the same. They want "more." As Samuel Gompers said, "“We do want more, and when it becomes more, we shall still want more."

Conservatives have a hard time grasping, there's a prejudice, that concept. Conservatives want specifics. They identify a problem and craft a solution. They way you can tell something is a problem is that it is bad for the society that creates goods like security and wealth for everyone. If done right the problem is solved to the benefit of the society, known as 'the system."

Leftist programs such as the EPA and the ADA are sold as efforts to remove externalities that inhibit the rational functioning of the market. That is why the laws have written in them a standard of "reasonable accommodation" such that changing work place rules or providing a benefit should not cost the employer in the long run.

That was always a fraud as the interpretations are left to bureaucrats and judges determined to use the power to impose costs on public agencies and private businesses. They do not want to improve the system. They want to destroy it.

Subotai Bahadur and Reality Observer,
Black, Gay, Feminist, Activist, Deranged; is she also a Vegan? If Miller-Young, why the hyphenated bar sinister name?, claims a Hispanic grandparent she can run the affirmative action board. No wonder they hired her.
44 weeks ago
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I am amazed that the DA actually filled charges. The national publicity about the incident may have had something to do with that. If a non-TWANLOC had done this to one of these glittering jewels of colossal and studied ignorance, charges would have been filed instantaneously and probably Holder's minions would be all over it.

As is stands, from what I understand Mireille Miller-Young is Black, Gay, a Professor of Feminist Studies at UC Santa Barbara, and is a Leftist activist. Actually, there is more than a little redundancy in the previous sentence. Any one of which classification normally would give her a free pass. I also understand that part of her claims in the media and online include the fact that she is pregnant and hormonal and thus easily provoked into violence.

Think about that for a moment. Up until TWANLOC took control of this country, feminism denied that a woman's hormones could ever interfere with their ability to function in civil society and in the workplace. Now a Professor of Feminist Studies is using them as a legal alibi.

I've called this the Year of Consequences. I have a feeling that life is going to be far more Hobbesian, and it is going to get hungry out from any number of foreign or domestic events. In an earlier post, Wretchard made a comment I believe to the effect that none of those making the decisions have ever been cold and hungry. It is going to be a far more common experience.

In bad times, survival is best assured by being in a group you can trust and who trust you. I think over time lines have been drawn, and that they are going to continue to be drawn.

A professor of Feminist Studies whose primary virtue is feeling entitled and having contempt for those who actually do things is not going to be a good match for any group trying to survive. But then again, Santa Barbara is not exactly going to be a good place to be when the lights go out.

Subotai Bahadur
44 weeks ago
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All Comments   (114)
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"Ableist". I see what you mean.
44 weeks ago
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Plead her belly and case dismissed.
44 weeks ago
44 weeks ago Link To Comment

"Step right up & git your Ism --the Cure For what Ails ye!"

This is really good --entertaining too --from 1948, a cartoon warning of zackley what confounds us today. Even features Obama!
44 weeks ago
44 weeks ago Link To Comment

Sadly, the NEA and Universities now corrupt record numbers of students, supplanting Freedom and Capitalism with Utopian-ism in their dreams.

American Schools vs. the World: Expensive, Unequal, Bad at Math
"The U.S. education system is mediocre compared to the rest of the world, according to an international ranking of OECD countries.

More than half a million 15-year-olds around the world took the Programme for International Student Assessment in 2012. The test, which is administered every three years and focuses largely on math, but includes minor sections in science and reading, is often used as a snapshot of the global state of education. The results, published today, show the U.S. trailing behind educational powerhouses like Korea and Finland."

In Finland:
"Students are separated into academic and vocational tracks during the last three years of high school. About 50% go into each track."
44 weeks ago
44 weeks ago Link To Comment
From that foreign perspective, the citadel of liberty engages in ritual child abuse (AKA 'public education').

What better, to make the RussiaChina political model shine in comparison?
44 weeks ago
44 weeks ago Link To Comment
Some Realism on Ismismism:

Ismismism Isn't Real is It?
44 weeks ago
44 weeks ago Link To Comment
""The Demon Lover: On the Sexuality of Terrorism,"

"My white skin disgusts me. My passport disgusts me. They are the marks of an insufferable privilege bought at the price of others' agony.

If I could peel myself inside out I would be glad. If I could become part of the oppressed I would be free."

"We can't destroy the inequities between men and women until we destroy marriage."

"Sexism is not the fault of women. Kill your fathers, not your mothers."

"The Demon Lover: On the Sexuality of Terrorism."
WW Norton & Company, 1989. "
44 weeks ago
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1989? You should see if you can find an 'author update'. Might be innersting.
44 weeks ago
44 weeks ago Link To Comment
Yes, charges have been filed but this is Californication folks....there is still plenty of time for a sympathetic judge to ignore the charges or levy a kinky Prop8 slap on the ass.
These progressive professors trend so ultra edgy tolerant of everything that if something slightly "triggers" bad feelings about themselves or something they may have considered, their tolerance manifests as violence.
44 weeks ago
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"Mireille Miller-Young has a simple desire: not to stop until her tribe conquers all the rest."

It is the profoundest of ironies that Western civilization's conservatives and to a lesser degree libertarians are the only real barrier between the Mireille Miller-Youngs of the world and their counterparts; Islamic fanatics.

Both of course are actively working to destroy the Western right and should they succeed, I predict that the Mireille Miller-Youngs of the world will live (briefly) to regret having gotten what they've wished for...

Nature has self-corrective mechanisms and as a last resort, Islam 'stands' as the international left's corrective mechanism. Ultimately, Mohammad is to be preferred over 1984's " Ministry of Love" not because it is less an offensive against God and Man but because a barbaric 7th century totalitarian cult will be easier to overthrow.
44 weeks ago
44 weeks ago Link To Comment
I don't think that Islam will be the international left's corrective; the international left will eventually make Islam a dead religion. Fanaticism doesn't work will against other fanatics that have nuclear weapons and delivery systems. There will be no media telling them how "unfair" it is to use those weapons on some poor Third Worlders.
44 weeks ago
44 weeks ago Link To Comment
To reuse a memorable quote yet again here, David Horowitz said of a 2002 antiwar protest in the US: "Militant lesbians marched side by side with militant Islamics, despite the fact that Islamics would have the lesbians killed if they had their way."

Perhaps it is simply "the enemy of my enemy is my friend." Perhaps both sides view the other as useful idiots. But I have little doubt that that the Lesbians think themselves so sophisticated, hip, and "with it" that they think the Islamics as rubes that can be easily devastated in an argument.
44 weeks ago
44 weeks ago Link To Comment
Yes, both sides do view the other as 'useful idiots". What unites them is the shared and entirely correct perception that the Western right is a far more substantive obstacle to their dominance than either are to the other. While Putin and China's leadership are entirely another 'kettle of fish', the Western liberal/left will be eaten for breakfast by the jihadists.
44 weeks ago
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Subotai Bahadur said "...Speaking purely theoretically because serious consideration of such reflects poorly on the omnipotence of the STATE; college campuses and housing are usually high density housing surrounded by urban areas."

That is accurate for the student population (though I would be curious what percentage of universities are actually that many state U's are not)

But...the professoral class does not live on campus. Instead they live in Echo-hoods of the like minded on inflated salaries, wine and cheese.

I suspect the assault on the ventilation system will come with some, if modest, warning. My grandchildren will be briefed on an escape plan. The Prog Profs will probably go into denial. And starve, assuming rape, pillage and plunder has yet to reach their homes.
44 weeks ago
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It's helpful to look at the maps to get a feel for the physical interaction. The Arbor is a convenience store and its own standalone building. This isn't a public space inside a building but actually the students were outside. The professor's office is South Hall which confusingly seems to be physically connected to Girvetz hall in the same building. That building complex is next to the Arbor. The professor is claiming an outdoor space that is next to a different building in her office is her workplace.

Another bit of information is probably informative as to where this professor is coming from. The professor's doctoral manuscript is "A Taste for Brown Sugar: The History of Black Women in American Pornography" and in the police report, she represented that she teaches about reproductive rights. UCSB helpfully publishes the courses she actually teaches:
60: Women of Color
151: Sexual Cultures Special Topics
182: Feminist Research and Practice
220: Sexualities

The California taxpayer pays for all this. I'd feel sorry for them if they weren't so influential.
44 weeks ago
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These mad feminists are eerie
They believe they’re a Valkyrie
Fighting for the noble right to kill a child
Just a word will drive them potsy
Give them armbands they’re a Nazi
To say anything banal just drives them wild
Mention math is to belittle
Such their mouths are frothing spittle
And the picture of a baby leads to rage
They are full of rage and fury
They are both the judge and jury
Just ignore them all and quickly turn the page

44 weeks ago
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