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People Who Choose To Be Unhappy

It can be very profitable to sell victimhood.

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July 29, 2014 - 3:00 pm

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As noted in a song by the brilliant musical humorist Anna Russell several decades ago, some people prefer a full-time career in victimhood to happiness:

(Set at 6 minutes 18 seconds; if it doesn’t go there automatically as instructed in the link, that’s where her song “Miserable” is.)

The Mamas & The Papas noted something similar in “Glad to be Unhappy” which is one of their less well-known but rather witty songs:

As many of these full-time professional victims (with their gobs of ill-gotten cash, obscenely expensive New Age therapists on call, and multiple stormy love affairs and messy divorces and devastated offspring left in their wake) know, constant complaining about certain kinds of problems (sometimes known as “diseases of the rich”) makes you popular with a certain illegitimately powerful political crowd, and pays a pretty good salary too.


image illustration via shutterstock /  Mr. Aesthetics

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More like people who choose to make others unhappy.
30 weeks ago
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Oh, they're not just making other people unhappy; they're spreading their own unhappiness around. They aren't faking their misery, just cultivating and trying to exploit it for sympathy. Professional victims are something like those gangsta rappers who, true to their "art" go out and get themselves shot in gang wars: proof that some forms of authenticity are no virtue at all, and deserve neither praise nor sympathy.

By the way, here's another funny song for those of you who share my contempt for professional victims:
30 weeks ago
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