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How Did the Founding Fathers’ Fashions Reflect Their Political Philosophy?

Page 37 of Logan Beirne's Blood of Tyrants describes the dignified sensibilities of the framers of our government. How different from today...

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May 19, 2013 - 9:00 am

“… the air of dignity with which these lauded men carried themselves.”

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All Comments   (2)
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Would that more politicians dressed as appropriately to their stations today!

Most of the people in Washington are millionaires, and all of them are successful. Each and every one of them are easily able to afford bespoke tailored clothing that is fashionable, handsome, and fits properly -- but because of some idiot's idea that they have to hide their success to appeal to the proles that vote for them, they wear the worst suits imaginable.

It's all the same dismally dreary uniform -- black, off-the-rack, two piece single breasted two-button suits, shapeless and artless, hanging like wrinkled sacks. White shirt, solid color tie in red or blue. Every. Freaking. Day.

Don't even get me started on the pitiful excuses that pass for "formal wear" in Washington.
1 year ago
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They represented their class, as well they should. At least, for the most part, they were well educated, some in several fields, and, some, believe it or not, had made their way to their 'gentleman's station' through had work, ambition and a little luck. Not all were to the 'manor born.' For the most part, they had the right to their positions of influence.

Look around us today. Our politicians have the morals of alley cats, dress even more ostentatiously than the founders, have little or no substantial education in life's vagaries, and 'think' wrongly that they are entitled to their regal station.

I, for one, prefer the founding fathers by any measurement our disrespectful commentator might conjure up. And, I might add, these men did not depend on government for their station in life as our 'professional' politicians of today do.

1 year ago
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