May 3, 2016

LIFE IN THE ERA OF HOPE AND CHANGE: Secret US spy court approved every surveillance request in 2015.

MY USA TODAY COLUMN features some thoughts on politics, special interests, and societal collapse.

THEY LOOK JUST AS YOU’D EXPECT: Meet the Radical Professors Opposed to Renaming a Public Law School for Justice Scalia.

THE PICTURE LOOKS A BIT LIKE HILLARY. Seriously, I thought it was her for a second. Living With Alzheimer’s.

CHANGE: CNN Destroys Fox News in April Prime Time Ratings.

While you weren’t looking, CNN has been busy demolishing the once-invincible ratings gap between themselves and Fox News. CNN beat Fox News decisively for their prime time lineup in April, and especially in the coveted age gap of 25-54. In fact, the only demographic in which Fox News beat CNN was the over 54 demographic, which is one of the least valuable to advertisers.

Neither was April a fluke. CNN has now beaten Fox News in prime time ratings for five out of the last 8 months. They have also scored wins in weekend ratings and are closing the gap in daytime ratings as well. Overall, where CNN used to have less than half of Fox News’ overall viewership, they now are behind Fox News by a measly 9%, and they continue to dominate MSNBC.

What changed around eight months ago?

THEY’RE NOT SMART ENOUGH TO BE NERDS, AND IT’S NOT A PROM: The Hill: It’s Time To End “Nerd Prom.” “In theory, the purpose of the dinner is to celebrate the value of a free and fearless White House press corps by setting aside one evening when those who cover the White House can sit down and break bread with the president, as reporters first did with President Calvin Coolidge in 1924, plus hand out a few scholarships. But today’s dinner is little more than an opportunity for out-of-town celebrities to strut their stuff.”

It does provide an instructive window into the Hunger Games-like culture of America’s capital though, and the participants are unself-conscious enough to let that really show.

MICHAEL A. COHEN: Bernie Sanders declares war on reality.

Instead of coming to grips with the overwhelming evidence that Democratic primary voters prefer Hillary Clinton be the party’s 2016 presidential nominee, Bernie Sanders continues to create his own political reality — devising new and creative excuses to explain why he’s losing to her and why he should be the party’s standard-bearer in November.

Don’t listen to the haters, Senator Sanders — keep making them feel the Bern.

TENNESSEE’S LIBERTARIAN BEACON CENTER files civil rights suit against Board Of Cosmetology. “Tennessee, along with just five other states, requires government permission to shampoo hair.”

TAXPROF ROUNDUP: The IRS Scandal, Day 1090.

MAKING THE RUBBLE BOUNCE: Hulk Hogan files a new lawsuit against Gawker.

SHIKHA DALMIA: Obama’s Cynical Games May Doom Immigration Reform: If he loses, he’ll only have himself to blame. It’s a safe bet, though, that he’ll do his best to blame Republicans.


There seems to be no safe haven for America’s wealthiest colleges these days. Congressional Republicans have been asking pointed to college presidents presiding over endowments in excess of $1 billion about how the funds are being spent; Connecticut legislators briefly pondered stripping the Yale endowment ($24 billion) of its tax-exempt status; and now, local taxpayers in Princeton, New Jersey, are trying to force their local university (endowment: $23 billion) to pay property taxes on its large swathes of real estate. . . .

Part of the impulse in Connecticut and New Jersey is the result of failed governance of these states, which have massive unfunded pension obligations and bloated public sector workforces that make it impossible to fund basic social services without squeezing taxpayers for more and more. But part of the impulse also stems from the failure of the elite higher education establishment, which seems to more and more Americans like an expensive luxury that primarily functions to perpetuate the privileges of the already-wealthy or the politically favored, all while reaping expensive tax subsidies from ordinary Americans who can never dream of an Ivy League education. Highly-endowed colleges, in other words, seem like an underperforming asset, whose wealth would better be put to use for other purposes.

And the notion that deciding what purposes other people’s wealth should be put to is a legitimate political choice — once anathema — has been mainstreamed by the academy.

MICKEY KAUS: Why is Trump Overperforming His Polls? “Certainly with David Brooks, George Will, and others banishing Trump voters (‘tainted forever after’ … ‘quislings’) and others vowing to maintain blacklists, there are plenty of reasons for at least upscale Republicans to not want to confess Trump symphathies to strangers. I’m not saying this means Trump will be competitive with Hillary in the voting booths. But it seems wise to increase your margin of doubt about his poll numbers.”

Related: Kurt Schlichter: Looking Back On How Trump Beat Hillary Clinton.


There were also the countries that refused to accept Jews who might have escaped the Nazis had they been permitted to enter. These countries include the United States, Canada, and many other potential places of asylum that shut their doors. In the United States and Canada too, there were heroes who pressed their leaders to do more, but for the most part they failed.

Many Arab and Muslim leaders also played ignoble roles, siding with the Nazis and conducting their own pogroms against local Jews. The leading villain in this regard was the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, who joined Hitler in Berlin and played a hands-on role in sending Jews to their deaths and in keeping the doors of Palestine closed to Jewish refugees.

Somebody tell Ken Livingstone.

LIFE IN THE ERA OF HOPE AND CHANGE: Secret TTIP Docs Leaked: ‘Corporations At The Heart Of EU-US Policy Making.’

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MY USA TODAY COLUMN features some thoughts on politics, special interests, and societal collapse.

THE TSA WILL HAVE TO FIGHT THIS TOOTH-AND-NAIL, SINCE IT UNDERMINES ITS ENTIRE REASON FOR EXISTENCE: CEI Sues over TSA’s Body Scanners. “CEI et al. argue that TSA’s final rule fails to consider one important factor related to the deployment body scanners: a potential increase in highway injuries and deaths. If that sounds crazy, let me explain. Past research suggests that post-9/11 airport security policies were so invasive that a number of would-be air travelers decided to drive instead. Given the fact that auto travel is far more dangerous than air travel, three Cornell University economists found that TSA’s invasive, time-consuming airport screening policies resulted in about 500 additional highway fatalities annually in the years following 9/11—more than a fully loaded 747 per year.”

I think I wrote a column making this point over a decade ago.

RELIGION OF PEACE UPDATE: Afghan boy’s family flees Afghanistan in wake of viral Lionel Messi photos.

“Life became a misery for us,” said Ahmadi, speaking to The Associated Press over the telephone from Quetta. He added that the family didn’t want to leave Afghanistan, but the threats were just getting more and more serious.

Ahmadi said he feared that his son, Murtaza Ahmadi, would be kidnapped after becoming an Internet sensation after pictures of him wearing a Messi shirt made out of a striped plastic bag went viral.

The family first traveled to the Pakistani capital, Islamabad, but couldn’t stay there long because of the high cost of living. They later moved to Quetta.

“I sold all my belongings and brought my family out of Afghanistan to save my son’s life as well as the lives of the rest of the family,” the father said.

Over a soccer jersey.


CALIFORNIA VEGANS ASSEMBLE THE CIRCULAR FIRING SQUAD: Top L.A. Vegan Restaurant Owners Receiving Death Threats for Slaughtering Animals:

“People have taken up the mob mentality,” says Matthew. “It saddens me that the choices we made in the privacy of our home would lead people to feel so betrayed that it’s elevated to threats on our lives. I’m very discouraged.”

The trouble began last week when animal rights activists discovered and then widely circulated a 14-month-old blog post written by Terces on the Engelharts’ Be Love Farm website, which mixed an announcement of their transition back into a meat diet again after nearly 40 years of vegetarianism (they had been vegan since 2003) with posted pictures of strained beef broth and a freezer full of pastured beef from their own dairy cows. Matthew tells THR they have kept chickens on the farm for seven years “for eggs only,” along with the cows for five years for milk, cheese and butter that’s for sale. (He claims they’ve “harvested,” or slaughtered, several cows in total and never sold the meat, only shared it with “our friends, neighbors and community.”)

The news has come as a shock to many vegans, who have been regular customers of the restaurants and claim the Engelharts have built their brand on not just serving vegan food but clearly wrapping themselves in the righteousness of the vegan cause — which they argue has now been undermined. “The reason we’re so upset is that veganism is a belief system,” says Carrie Christianson, who started the Facebook boycott group. “You are patronizing a restaurant that you think has that philosophy, and it turns out it doesn’t. Vegans should know that this restaurant has a farm that slaughters animals.”

That’s the key line in this article: “The reason we’re so upset is that veganism is a belief system” — in other words, like radical environmentalism and radical feminism, veganism is one of many alternate religions that are subsets of the holistic New Age Left. (Nietzsche killed God, but man is hardwired to believe in a cause higher than himself. When traditional religion is rejected, the odds are pretty good that something cultish will be chosen to replace it.) The restaurant owners chose to cater to them, apparently without pondering the jihad they would face if and when they were discovered to be apostates by their core customers. Or as a wise social critic once described the nihilistic alternative lifestyles of California, “You can checkout anytime you like, but you can never leave.”

Related: Speaking of alternate religions, as Ace writes, “I am indebted to Christina Hoff Sommers for pointing out that every identity politics cult is just a conspiracy theory with a racial (or gender) edge.

(Via Mickey Kaus.)

THEY’RE CALLED “ENABLERS:” The village that helped Hillary Clinton move past Bill’s infidelity.

THE GREEN WAR AGAINST THE WORKING CLASS: “To the left, the families whose lives are ruined are collateral damage to achieve their utopian dream of saving the planet. The Stalinists who now run the green movement believe the ends justify the ruthless means.”

Related: Hillary Flip-Flops on Coal, Now Wants Coal to Prosper.

FIGHT IT OUT ALL THE WAY TO THE CONVENTION FLOOR, BERNIE! Is it too late for Bernie Sanders to convince superdelegates to choose him?

On Sunday during a press conference to commemorate the first anniversary of his announcement for the presidency, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders indicated once again that he would be seeking to peel away superdelegates from his rival Hillary Clinton.

Sanders currently trails Clinton by 327 pledged delegates plus 481 superdelegates. If Sanders could convince the vast majority of Clinton’s superdelegates to defect to him, he could in theory win the nomination.

The notion is not unheard of. In 2008, Clinton also won the overwhelming support of superdelegates, but they started breaking away from her and supporting then-Sen. Barack Obama around the time she barely squeaked out what was supposed to be an easy win in Indiana.

The difference in 2016 is that Clinton is also winning primaries, and convincingly so. Sanders has won 17 primaries and caucuses across the country, but even when he wins, Clinton oftentimes gets more delegates because of superdelegate support.

Also, Bernie’s not black, so superdelegates won’t be called racist for backing Hillary.

BEGUN, THE TRUMP WARS HAVE: Democrats Plan to Pound Trump Before He’s Nominated.


Feel free to spin the wheel yourself in the comments below.



Donald Trump criticized Hillary Clinton’s judgment on Monday, foreshadowing an attack line that he could use in a general election showdown.

Trump argued that while suggesting Clinton isn’t qualified to be president is a “big stretch,” it’s fair to say the former secretary of State “suffers from bad judgment.”

“Emails, bad judgment. Iraq, voted yes, bad judgment. Libya, bad judgment. All bad judgment,” the GOP presidential front-runner said during a rally in Carmel, Ind., on the eve of the state’s primaries.

The attack is drawn from criticism offered by Clinton’s Democratic rival, Bernie Sanders, who has criticized Clinton’s judgment and argued the former secretary of State was not qualified to be president. Sanders eventually backtracked on the latter remarks.

Trump signaled last week that he would be using Sanders’s attack lines on Clinton, saying during a television interview, “When he said ‘bad judgment’ I said, ‘sound bite!’ ”

“He said she suffers from bad judgment,” Trump said Monday, referring to Sanders. “It’s true.”

Yes, it is.


● Survey says: 34 percent of Bay Area residents are ready to leave.

● Black Residents Matter: They’re fleeing the most progressive cities—why?

Because unless you’re a One Percenter yourself, you can only stay on the front line’s of the left’s self-admitted mission to “rid society of the dictatorship of the middle class,” for so long.

THEY CHOSE POORLY: A Year Later, Baltimore Freddie Gray Rioters Get Serious Prison Time.

TO ASK THE QUESTION IS TO ANSWER IT: Why Aren’t We Having a National Conversation About Leftist Violence?, David Harsanyi asks at the Federalist:

The media was happy to portray the peaceful Tea Party as a movement surreptitiously driven by racism without a shred of proof outside its opposition to Barack Obama. You will remember Paul Krugman blaming peaceful assembly and free speech for an insane person’s “assassination” attempt against Kathleen Gifford, and Ezra Klein lamenting how scary things get when conservatives oppose liberal doctrine. Every shooting in America necessitates a thorough investigation into political proclivities of the perpetrator. Is he angry at the president? Did he ever register as a Republican? Is he fond of the Confederate flag? But only when the facts mesh with the helpful narrative do we hear about it.

At the American Conservative, Rod Dreher adds, “What’s the matter with California? I was shocked last week to see the Latino mob riot outside a Donald Trump rally in Orange County, destroying a police car:”

[S]eeing what happened last week at the two Trump events in California makes me wonder if there’s something particularly extreme about the state’s political culture. I am far from a fan of Donald Trump, and I fully support the right to protest him. But riots and violent protests? Imagine if white Trump supporters rioted in an attempt to shut down a Hillary Clinton rally, and tore down police barricades in an attempt to get into a hotel where she was speaking, to shut down her speech? The news media would be in crisis mode, and I wouldn’t blame them, actually: a country in which a candidate running for president has to fear for his and his supporters’ safety at a political rally is a country that is in trouble.

But hey, no big deal as far as our media are concerned. Just like the radically illiberal culture on many American campuses, where SJWs no-platform speakers they don’t like all the time, has not bothered the media overmuch. They don’t seem to mind mobs and thugs running roughshod over basic civil liberties, as long as those mobs and thugs are on the political and cultural left.

While the future is always uncertain, in his latest column at Townhall, Kurt Schlichter is back from a trip in the TARDIS to 2017 to explore one way the disparity between the DNC-MSM’s efforts at whitewashing their own and the vastly different optics the public witnessed could play themselves out in the coming months.

Hint: It’s titled, “Looking Back On How Donald Trump Beat Hillary Clinton.”

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: University admits paying $17,570 for a dining hall table was a mistake.

The University of New Hampshire now acknowledges that spending $17,000 on a custom-made chef’s table with LED lights for the campus dining hall was a mistake.

Initially, university officials thought the light-up table would allow the dining staff to interact with students and demonstrate healthy cooking techniques.

But word soon got out about the $17,570 price tag on the 16-seat table, which was installed several weeks ago. The school newspaper wrote about it, and other media outlets picked up on it.

The table costs nearly as much as in-state students pay annually for tuition and fees.

I don’t think I’ve seen a TV chef with a table that nice, and presumably those shows make money.

YEAH, I PRETTY MUCH START WITH THE ASSUMPTION THAT THESE THINGS ARE FAKES NOW: There Have Been Over 100 Hate Crime Hoaxes In The Past Decade. “Victimhood isn’t just used to push agendas and win power. It can also be used to make money. Professional victims like feminist pest Anita Sarkeesian have received thousands of dollars in donations after complaints about unkind words on the internet. Little wonder that there’s been such an epidemic of hate crime hoaxes in the past few years, particularly among regressive activists on university campuses. We’ve seen students scrawl swastikas on the doors of their own dorm rooms, send themselves anonymous rape threats, and falsely accuse fraternities of queer-bashing.”


“I think it’s going to get worse if he gets the nomination and is the front-runner. I think it’s going to escalate,” Luis Serrano, an organizer with California Immigration Youth Justice Alliance, told the Los Angeles Times. “We’re going to keep showing up and standing against the actions and the hate Donald Trump is creating.”

Even Americans who don’t support Mr. Trump may hear this and wonder who is really creating hate. The spectacles are made-for-ratings cable TV fodder, and Mr. Trump knows it. Every protester who breaks the law or waves a Mexican flag as a political statement in favor of illegal immigration might as well be voting for Mr. Trump.

There’s a lot about Trump and his most fevered supporters to question (as we should everyone who seeks the oval office and his or her supporters), but watching a man trying to wade through a mob that pays lip service to tolerance and diversity, and yet is poised to rip him to shreds because he’s wearing the wrong baseball cap, I know which side I’m on.


Mark this down: Trump is running as the immigration scourge, but there is no way the wall is happening, and there is no way the Muslim moratorium is happening. If elected, after due hemming and hawing, Trump would state the obvious: It would be impractical and prohibitively expensive to arrest and deport 11 million people just so we can bring them back again. But he would also claim that his victory was a mandate for the ultimate objective of his immigration proposal: the granting of amnesty to millions of illegal aliens through a legal process. The Trump administration would thus dispense with any talk of deportations, and proceed promptly to the legalization part of the plan.

Donald Trump is the amnesty candidate. If he had made that clear to Republican voters at the beginning, he would already be out of the race.

Try telling that to the diehard, will-not-be-swayed by any logic stylin’-shades-wearing Indiana Trump supporter whom responded to Ted Cruz’s questions and civil tone with Clockwork Spray-on Orange mechanical soundbites:

But it may all be academic. As Allahpundit wrote yesterday, “Here’s a fun idea, though: Re-interview this guy a year from now after Trump has gone down in flames and President Hillary’s preparing to sign an amnesty bill that Chuck Schumer just ushered through a Democratic Senate. See what he thinks about the wall then.”

PUNCH BACK TWICE AS HARD: David French: Small Acts of Cowardice Are Destroying Our Culture.

THE OPPORTUNITIES FOR GRAFT, HOWEVER, WERE SUPERB: Dan Mitchell: Obama’s Miserable Economic Legacy.


Recently, Clemson students have been the victims of a smear campaign. Individuals on social media and around campus have claimed that the Clemson student body is racist. On Monday, April 11, a controversial image surfaced on social media. The image circulated online displayed four bananas hung on a poster dedicated to Clemson’s African-American heritage. In the following nine days of protest, five students were arrested and the administration mandated new diversity and inclusivity training for all students and faculty.

Some lower level administration even attended and endorsed the protests, giving credibility to the smear campaign. The administration as a whole genuflected to the protesters’ demands, granting the smear further substance.

Since campus wide unrest was the direct result of the four bananas being hung it seems natural to ask who hung the bananas and what their motivations were. The Clemson administration knows the answers to these questions, but has not revealed them. The only thing most people on campus are aware of is the suspicious behavior and activity from the administration and the student protest leaders.

This leads to more questions than answers. . . .

There have been allegations on campus that the student who placed the bananas on the banner in the first place was African American. The implication is that the student intended for the incident to incite a campus protest. If this is not the case, why has the administration not released any information about the race or motives of the student who placed the bananas?

As it turns out, no charges (criminal or disciplinary) were brought against this student. If the act was supposedly so racist that the administration has decided to start assigning mandatory diversity and inclusivity training to faculty and students, then why was the individual not sanctioned? And if the individual was not sanctioned because she or he did not place the bananas in an act of racism, why are administrators and student activists still claiming the campus has a racially discriminatory environment?

Suspiciously, the identity of the student who posted threatening messages to Yik Yak was released to the public, amid calls for the university to do so. Yet, the identity of the person who placed the bananas is being kept a secret. Why are they so interested in this banana vandal’s privacy?

Stay tuned.

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ANALYSIS: TRUE. Every Industry Gets Worse When Government Gets Involved. “This is easily provable with Public Choice Theory, and consistently proven in practice.”

Check out this graphic:


I’D RATHER JUST NOT AGE: Aging In Place. “Throughout the country, communities are being retrofitted to accommodate the tsunami of elders expected to live there as baby boomers age.”

THIS ISN’T THE 21st CENTURY I WAS PROMISED:  ‘N16GA We Made It’ Senior T-shirts Trigger a Teachable Moment in W.Va.

Related: Obama not offended by Larry Wilmore’s N-word shout-out.

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Okay, this is something I’ve been wanting to talk about — reliance on “unfavorables.” It seems to me, we’re going to end up with 2 major-party candidates that most people don’t like. The election is going to be decided by the people who are going to be stuck voting for one of 2 people neither of whom they like. The question isn’t who has higher unfavorability, but which one is more capable of getting a vote from a person who is disgusted by both of them. As Sullivan’s paragraph suggests, one is exciting, risky, and entertaining. The other is dreary, predictable, and medicinal.

Hillary is the Cod Liver Oil of candidates. Except that Cod Liver Oil is at least good for you.

WAR IS HELL, A CENTURY LATER: Zone Rouge: An Area of France So Badly Damaged By WW1 That People Are Still Forbidden To Live There. “Since the end of the war, at least 900 people have been killed by unexploded WW1 ordnance across France and Belgium, with most recent deaths as late as 1998. Meaning that the war was still claiming victims 80 years after the cease-fire went into effect.”

MODERN SHOPPING: Florida woman calls out creep who she said harassed her in the bikini section of a Target store.

A Florida woman approached by a man holding a basket full of razors in the bikini section of a Target store caught him on camera, she said.

Candice Spivey recognized Jeffrey Polizzi, 31, last week at the Jacksonville-area Target as the same creep who asked her indecent questions at a grocery store two years ago, according to the Nassau County Sheriff’s Office.

Polizzi, who was convicted of video voyeurism in 2009, could be seen on Spivey’s cell phone video telling her, “You want to make sure it’s not too sheer or clear.”

Polizzi reacted in horror when she asked him if he remembered the earlier encounter. He dropped the basket, ran out of the store and sprinted out of the parking lot as Spivey yelled, “Get this guy! Stop him! Stop this guy! Call the cops!”

Under Target’s new policy, this creep could have been hanging out in the ladies female-ish gendered room, no problem.

LIFE IN THE 21ST CENTURY: These Jeans Are Designed to Give You A Wedgie, Which Seems Wrong.

ANOTHER CIVIL RIGHTS SUCCESS: Haslam allows controversial guns on campus bill to become law. “The bill, Senate Bill 2376, allows full-time faculty, staff and other employees of Tennessee’s public colleges and universities who have handgun-carry permits to carry their guns on campus — but they must notify the local law enforcement agency with primary responsibility for security on their campus — the campus police, for example. The governor said in a letter to the House and Senate speaker that he prefers to let campuses make their own decision.” We don’t let campuses “make their own decision” about other civil rights. Why should we treat this one differently? But he didn’t veto the bill, realizing the political debacle that would have been.

Colorado has had campus carry for 12 years, with No Mass Shootings, No Crimes by Permit Holders.

WOULD HILLARY HAVE PULLED OUT IN 2008 IF OBAMA HAD BEEN UNDER INVESTIGATION BY THE FBI? Joe Trippi: Bernie has no path to the nomination. Delegate math is a heartbreaker. Clinton accepted reality in 2008 and Sanders should do the same.

I HOPE THE MAINTENANCE WON’T BE AS UGLY AS THE 928: Porsche Could Revive the 928 as a Panamera-based Coupe.

VIDEO: CRUZ TAKES ON TRUMP SUPPORTER IN INDIANA FOR SEVEN MINUTES: “At least I think it’s a Trump supporter,” Allahpundit quips. “This guy comes off as more of a parody of a Trump supporter, unable to explain why he likes Trump except that he likes ‘the wall,’ so who knows. Confrontation videos like this are always eye-of-the-beholder stuff, though, so Cruz fans will probably see it as a case of Cruz showing admirable patience in trying to reason with an opponent and Trump fans will probably see it as Sunglasses having dropped a sick burn on Lyin’ Ted, bro. Here’s a fun idea, though: Re-interview this guy a year from now after Trump has gone down in flames and President Hillary’s preparing to sign an amnesty bill that Chuck Schumer just ushered through a Democratic Senate. See what he thinks about the wall then.”

GRAPHIC VIDEO: This Is How Bad the Anti-Trump Protests Have Gotten.

Related: RAW VIDEO: Trump supporter walks through angry crowd of protesters.


But, of course, it was more than that. It was about whether they could pull off one of the most intriguing experiments in late-night television history; whether Mr. Colbert, who became a leading voice in American political satire by playing a fictional character on his Comedy Central show — holding forth before a cable congregation of the converted — could succeed as himself in the big broad tent of network television, whose commercial and corporate imperatives can be homogenizing.

CBS and Mr. Moonves have hundreds of millions of dollars riding on the result, not to mention corporate pride. Mr. Colbert has something more personal on the line: his reputation as a comedic actor who used his longtime perch at Comedy Central to show how integrity, grace and wicked intelligence could inject something politically powerful — and powerfully funny — into the late-night lineup of stupid pet tricks and vapid celebrity interviews.

* * * * * * *

John Oliver and Bill Maher have made their marks on HBO, but their shows are not nightly, and have not alleviated the sense that Mr. Colbert and Mr. Stewart are badly missed in the face of all the Trumpmania. That’s why you see headlines such as “Calling Jon Stewart: American Needs You Now More Than Ever” (the liberal website Daily Kos) or declarations like the one made by the former Variety editor Peter Bart, who said that “at the moment of truth” — this election — Mr. Colbert and Mr. Stewart “hid in their foxholes” by leaving Comedy Central.

It’s pretty odd when you think about it. It’s like saying, “No one has replaced Stephen Colbert, not even Stephen Colbert,” when, in fact, he’s on television every weeknight, just not as the jingoistic Conservative talk show host alter ego he employed on Comedy Central.

* * * * * * *

Of course Mr. Colbert knew what he signed up for when he took the job David Letterman held for more than two decades. He seemed sincere last August when he told GQ he was eager to shed his “Colbert Report” character. The great irony is that Mr. Colbert is still learning how to be himself on television after nine years of pretending to be someone else.

Whether it’s Carson, Letterman and Leno, or Dan Rather, Tom Brokaw and Brian Williams, the traditional path to power in show business involves posing as a friendly, often Midwestern fresh face marketed to appeal to the entire country; it’s only after being successfully ensconced in the gig that we find out that he leans to the left. In retrospect – the performer has to be to have survived being vetted by the corporate boardrooms in Manhattan and Hollywood for his superstar TV gig. (Barring that, he will allow himself to be molded into one if he wants the gig bad enough.) Colbert might be the first late night talk show host hired with a C.V. and past history of political broadcasting that alienates half the country, because they know how much he loathes Middle America. Or as Sonny Bunch of the Washington Free Beacon tweets, “It’s weird that a political comedian dedicated to mocking half the country isn’t working out as a late night host.”

But then, those who fail to watch HBO’s The Late Shift are doomed to repeat it.

DON’T TRUST THOSE USB STICKS: Multiple computer viruses have been discovered in this German nuclear plant. I assume they’re Russian viruses.


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NEWS YOU CAN USE: Extreme Exercise Can Impair Fertility.

K-12 IMPLOSION UPDATE: French teacher at HISD school doesn’t speak French.

“Have you ever heard him speak a word of French?”

Nathanial White: “Bonjour, but everybody knows that.”

The teacher, Albert Moyer, said in a brief phone interview that the extent of his French education was just one year in high school.

So why was he hired? To replace Jean Cius, a certified French teacher for more than 25 years.

“It makes me extremely mad,” Cius said. “I feel bad for the fact that the kids are not learning.”

Records show after a dispute in December, the school’s principal removed Cius from campus.

But when he was later declared fit for duty, HISD did not give him back his old job, or any teaching job for that matter.

Cius was sent to another HISD campus, where he said he was assigned to monitor the halls.

“I feel so bad for the taxpayers because they’re paying me for not doing anything at all,” he said.

However, Nathanial White’s report card shows H-I-S-D is still using Cius as the teacher of record.

Houston Independent School District’s Energy Institute High School Principal Lori Lambropoulos would seem to have some explaining to do about why a French teacher with 25 years experience and “declared fit for duty” is functioning as a hall monitor, while his replacement sends students to Google because he doesn’t speak any French.


The recounting of that performance, and Game 6 in general (including Alex Rodriguez knocking a ball out of reliever Bronson Arroyo’s glove), takes up about 17 minutes of the original version of the hour-and-five-minute-long documentary. ESPN apparently wanted to trim “Four Days in October,” which aired on ESPN2 after an Arizona-Oregon softball game and was likely timed to precede a live Red Sox-Yankees telecast on the main channel, down to fit into an hour-long time slot, with commercials.

“When a live event runs long, it’s standard procedure to shorten a taped program that follows,” an ESPN spokesman told The Post. “In this case, we needed to edit out one of the film’s four segments to account for the extra length of the softball game.”

Was it just a coincidence, though, that the segment taken out happened to feature a player-turned-analyst who just parted ways with ESPN under acrimonious circumstances? At the very least, the optics of that don’t look great for the network.

No – they look very much like this:


And the nearly 18 minute gap is a nice touch; as with Dan Rather committing seppuku on his CBS career, whom the gods destroy, they first render Nixonian.

AN ENORMOUS DEAL: A Look at Hillary Clinton’s Promise of a Cabinet Full of Women.

Thank goodness she didn’t say “binders.”

ROGER KIMBALL: Ted Cruz’s Tax Plan Can Unshackle America:

There are two basic and opposed views of economics. One, espoused by the administration in Washington DC, holds that economics is fundamentally about the redistribution of wealth. The other, espoused most powerfully by the Republican presidential hopeful Ted Cruz, holds that economics is fundamentally about the creation of wealth.

By the time he leaves office, Barack Obama will have doubled the federal debt, bringing it up to an astonishing $20tn. And he has managed this despite taking in more tax revenue than ever before. Mr Obama has achieved another distinction: he has been the only president in history not to have presided over a single year of 3 per cent growth in gross domestic product.

Mr Cruz would change all that. How? At the centre of his economic plan are two imperatives: tax cuts and drastic simplification of the tax code.
Let us start with the cuts. His plan calls for a flat tax of 10 per cent on family income above $36,000. That is down from a top rate of 39.6 per cent today. At the same time, he would abolish the corporate tax (a variable rate that currently maxes out at 39 per cent) and institute a “business transfer tax” of 16 per cent. He would also abolish a host of other taxes, including the estate tax, payroll tax and taxes associated with “Obamacare”.

The upshot, according to the Tax Foundation, which has published a detailed review of the plan, is that the Cruz initiative would spark an explosion in economic growth. Over a decade, GDP would increase by 13.9 per cent above what is currently projected, wages would increase by 12.2 per cent and the US would see up to 5m new jobs.
But those numbers tell only a part of the story. The US tax code runs to some 70,000 pages. The Cruz plan would replace that creaking monstrosity. Instead of having an accountant produce a long and semi-intelligible document at great expense, individuals would fill out their taxes on a postcard. Mr Cruz also promises to abolish the Internal Revenue Service “as we know it”. Obviously, there would have to be a mechanism to ensure that taxes were collected. But the behemoth that is the IRS could be replaced with a vastly slimmed down operation.

But what about revenue? Could taxes be cut so drastically without creating deficits? The Tax Foundation estimates that the Cruz plan, after factoring in projected growth, would result in a $768bn revenue loss over a decade. Should we worry about that? No. This is less than 2 per cent of projected federal revenue from 2017-26, and it is a terrific investment. For every $1 of revenue loss, the Tax Foundation finds that the Cruz plan will generate $23 of new GDP, a phenomenal return on investment. This compares very favourably with Donald Trump’s plan.

The problem — and this is a feature to me, but a bug to the political class — is that it offers insufficient opportunities for graft.

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I SHOUTED OUT WHO MADE TIM COOK KING? When after all, it was you and me.

THERE ARE SOME SECTIONS OF ALABAMA I WOULD NOT ADVISE YOU TO INVADE: 11-year-old boy shoots suspected burglar, mocks him for ‘crying like a baby.’

DISPATCHES FROM THE EDUCATION APOCALYPSE: Mizzou Race Relations Committee Releases Series of Anti-Racism Videos for ‘White People:’

The University of Missouri’s Faculty Council Committee on Race Relations released a video series this week that aims to educate students and faculty about racism on campus, Mizzou’s student newspaper, the Maneater, reported.

Committee member Craig Roberts, a Mizzou plant sciences professor, said that the target audience of these videos will be white faculty, the lessons will be applicable for the while community as a whole.

Roberts explained in an email to the Maneater that white people, including himself, are not as likely to detect racism because they do not experience it first-hand, and white faculty often downplay the degree to which racism affects the community.

“White people tend to see racism in terms of lynching, physical abuse, bullying and other products of hate,” Roberts said. “Racism is more than the overt, blatant, extreme incidents.”

As Ace of Spades quips, “And now you can view Mizzou’s handy guide to What a Racist Your Child Is. Plus — there’s still that one-in-five-will-be-raped thing! So you know: Definitely send your kid there.”

But fortunately, to coin a phrase, A New Hope has emerged from a most unlikely source. “Melissa Click just (accidentally) outed the campus PC Gestapo,” Carrie Lukas writes at the New York Post:

Click now claims her own dismissal is racially charged, meant to send a message that blacks aren’t supposed to stand up against whites. Yet she also notes that being “a white lady” makes her an “easy target.”

In other words, Click believes that although bigotry pervades the university’s liberal halls, administrators are too cowed to fire anyone who isn’t white, making her supposed white privilege also her biggest handicap.

Click is suing the school for allegedly failing to follow the rules governing firings in cases like hers. Her charge may have merit. But where was Click when Wolfe was being similarly sacrificed for political expedience?

As Lukas writes, “It’s long been evident that something is seriously wrong with American higher education, but Click’s case ties key pieces of the puzzle together: the absurdity of the racial- and gender-grievance game on college campuses, the politically motivated inquisitions that serve as university justice and the increasingly useless nature of so much of what’s studied.”

Is there nothing she can’t do?

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE, LEGAL EDUCATION EDITION: The Empire Strikes Back: LSAC Threatens To Expel University Of Arizona Over Use Of GRE In Law School Admissions.

So there are two things going on here. First, law schools want to use GRE so they can accept lower-tier students without being penalized for low LSAT scores by U.S. News. That’s self-serving. But the LSAC is trying to protect its own feedlot: “According to its latest publicly available Form 990 for FY 2014, LSAC President Daniel Bernstine earned $684,363 in total compensation, four other employees earned more than $300,000, and five other employees earned more than $200,000. LSAC reported over $200 million in net assets, including $93 million in publicly traded stock and $112 million in other investments (including $32 million in hedge funds).”

MORE ON HOW THE AMERICAN LAW INSTITUTE is trying to weasel “affirmative consent” into the criminal law.

IT’S LIKE THE STREET & SMITH’S OF SJWs: Meet The Most Social Justicy Social Justice Warriors!


HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: How Anthropology Was Corrupted And Killed.

CALIFORNIA’S IN THE VERY BEST OF HANDS: “California Board of Equalization Chairman Jerome Horton should apologize to Rob Lowe for anti-Semitic slur,” the Sacramento Bee reported in March:

Horton should have one two-word response to actor Rob Lowe and his wife, Sheryl Berkoff: I’m sorry.

In a year when politicians seem to think crass is cool, Horton embarrassed himself and the constitutional office he holds as an elected Board of Equalization member by asking Lowe and Berkoff in a private meeting whether they had “Jewed down” contractors who had built their house.

In an email reported first by Bloomberg BNA, Lowe explained: “Appalled, we asked him to explain his comment. He doubled down, saying, ‘C’mon. You know what I’m saying. Did you Jew them down? You must have.’ ”

The Los Angeles-area Democrat invoked a term that is at once an example of casual anti-Semitism and reflective of ancient prejudices toward one ethnic group. Horton should have known better, having spent 20 years in public life, first as an Inglewood City Council member and later in the Assembly. Clearly, he doesn’t.

But it gets better:California tax official got $130,000 worth of office furniture,” the Bee reported last week:

Last fall, more than $118,000 of designer furniture rolled into to a new downtown Sacramento high-rise office suite for Jerome Horton.

Then the chairman of the tax-collecting Board of Equalization, Horton had moved operations a few months earlier from the ninth floor of U.S. Bank Tower to its 21st floor. The new space offers a stunning view of the Statehouse and grounds out his office window, 300 feet above Capitol Mall. Some board staff privately call the office “Jerome’s aquarium” for its conference room’s floor-to-ceiling glass walls embossed with the agency’s seal.

Horton’s new furniture, some of it stashed away unused in another building as of last week, reflected the office upgrade.

According to purchase records obtained by The Sacramento Bee, more than 150 items on one invoice from Sacramento-based Miles Treaster & Associates included 24 white-leather-and-walnut chairs ($1,172 each), a matching couch ($2,267) and 21 wall-mounted cabinets with frosted-glass doors and “grooved edge top-silver undertrim” ($11,248 total). A separate invoice listed, among other items, eight satin-finish metal coat racks for $88 each and one “Blomus Symbolo Umbrella Stand (Stainless Steel, 20” tall)” for $115.

With delivery and installation of $12,000, taxpayers spent slightly more than $130,000 to outfit Horton’s office.

Related: “SBOE Chair Jerome Horton (D) has reported $731,835 in donations by organizations at his request, with that money going mostly to or through nonprofit organizations tied to his wife, a Bloomberg BNA analysis found,” in a piece from December titled, “California Scheming? Funneled Donations Raise Ethics Queries.”

“And you’re working for no one but me,” as a wise Beatle once sang about his country’s tax collectors. That sounds like Horton’s motto as well.

NEWS YOU CAN USE: 5 Steps to Creating a Successful Raised Garden Bed.


“There’s a fire hydrant in there!” Simba’s owner, Heidi Liddell, announced as she opened the pawprint-marked door between the men’s and women’s rooms.

It didn’t take long for the dog to sidle up to the little red hydrant atop a patch of artificial turf and do her business. A dispenser of plastic doggie bags and a hose was provided for the owners to clean the area up for the next pet.

The 70-square-foot room, at JFK’s sprawling Terminal 4, allows dogs and other animals to relieve themselves without needing to exit the building to find a place to go outside – a step that requires an annoying second trip through the security line.

“We had seen an increase of passengers traveling with pets and we decided to do it sooner rather than later,” said Susana Cunha, vice president of the management company that operates the terminal.

To paraphrase Oprah, you get a bathroom! And you get a bathroom! And you get a bathroom!

VICTOR DAVIS HANSON ON THE NIHILISM OF SANCTUARY CITIES: “The intellectual pedigree of sanctuary cities is not 1960s one-world ecumenicalism, but 1850s Confederate nullification. Their logical consequence is not a wide-open transnational continent, but utter disunion among the states and a second confederate attempt at destroying the primacy of the federal government,” VDH writes.

Read the whole thing.


TAXPROF ROUNDUP: The IRS Scandal, Day 1089.


Indeed, while elites converted en masse to eugenics, the one large constituency that opposed them at every turn was the Catholic Church, which countered that sterilization violated natural law. Cohen takes this opposition for granted, never exploring the meaning or roots of natural law and why it drove the church to quash sterilization in states such as Louisiana and New Jersey. Rather than confront sterilization on moral or philosophical grounds, Cohen bases his opposition on scientific grounds: Carrie Buck had a sixth grade education, sterilization alone couldn’t eliminate “feeblemindedness,” Jews, it turns out, are pretty smart (they just didn’t know English when the eugenicists gave them IQ tests). It is convenient that eugenics makes for crappy science, but what if it had checked out? Would that make it any more moral?

Read the whole thing.

Related: Margaret Sanger: A Dark Past.

SPACE: THE INVISIBLE ARMS RACE. We’ve finally admitted that the space race is on. Time for bold steps to compete.

An arms race is under way in space—insidious, invisible, and at this point probably inevitable. The Bush Administration’s dream that the United States could control access to earth orbit as the British had once controlled sea lines of communication has been, as the bureaucrats say, overtaken by events. So has the Obama Administration’s emphasis on international “cooperation” (the word appears 13 times in the first few pages of the Administration’s 2010 National Space Policy document), an approach that served chiefly to demonstrate that no international consensus on the future of space exists, and that none is likely. Even the sensible, if vague and entirely voluntary, “Code of Conduct for Outer Space Activities” floated by the European Union and pushed hard by the State Department for most of a decade found only tepid support. It was easy for the Chinese and Russians to portray it all as just the latest example of Western imperialism. Earlier this year, the Code was quietly put to rest. Leading from behind on space, the United States has been outmaneuvered and left for dead.

Not so the Chinese and Russians, who occupy the diplomatic high ground with their Treaty on Prevention of the Placement of Weapons in Outer Space (PPWT), all the time working feverishly to put their own weapons in space, and anywhere else they might do some damage, including, we can safely assume, in the cyber domain. Dean Cheng of the Heritage Foundation describes a recent reorganization of the Peoples Liberation Army (PLA) structure to emphasize “information dominance,” defined as the ability to exploit battlefield information while denying the enemy that same capability. The information satellites provide is key to power projection; there can be no “pivot” to Asia without satellites; so disabling or dismantling our space infrastructure is a high priority for Beijing. Kinetic hit-to-kill weapons like the one China tested in 2007 and again in recent years are one way of doing this, but hardly the most efficient. Far better in an “informationalized” war to ensure that the data satellites gather and transmit never makes it to the end user—or that it arrives there in a form that looks reliable but isn’t. It’s the perfect way for a country like China to leap over the present imbalance and arrive as a fully fledged and dangerous adversary at the next stage of conflict in space. The key words on this new battlefield are hack, dazzle, jam, and spoof.

For their part, the Russians recently tested a small, maneuverable “Luch” satellite dangerously near a commercial communication satellite operated by Intel Corporation in geosynchronous orbit. Satellites that can maneuver freely in space have several legitimate functions; they can serve as space tugs, moving satellites from orbit to orbit, or refuel, inspect, or repair them. They might also be used to shadow national security satellites, modify their orbits, hit them with a burst of electromagnetic energy, collide with them or perhaps plant listening devices or limpet mines on them. Ten years from now, space will be filled with small, highly mobile satellites like this, many of them put into orbit by commercial operators for legitimate purposes, but many others by states for other, less benign reasons.

I had some thoughts on this a while back.

BECAUSE THEY’RE HORRIBLE PEOPLE: Mizzou Officials Spoke Out When Black Students Were Targeted – So Why the Silence on Anti-Semitism?

IT’S ALMOST LIKE SOMEBODY WANTS US DISTRACTED: Camille Paglia: While We’re ‘Navel-Gazing’ About Gender Identity, ‘ISIS Is Beheading People.’

CHANGE: The Greens Are Losing The Culture Wars. Good.

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DENNIS PRAGER ASKS AND ANSWERS THE BIG QUESTION: Why is the Left hostile to Western civilization?

HERE’S WHY GOVERNMENT HOUSING VOUCHERS CAUSE MORE POVERTY, NOT LESS: Question – Which program does the federal government spend more on each year, public housing vouchers or welfare checks? If you said the former, you must know the Manhattan Institute’s Howard Husock. What he knows about public housing is more valuable than the work of the 10 smartest people on the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s bloated payroll.

“Its incentives are completely skewed,” Husock, vice president for policy research and director of the Social Entrepreneurship Initiative at Manhattan, told The Daily Caller News Foundation Investigative Group’s Katie Watson.

“You’ve ‘hit the lottery’ and you’re set for life. Not only do you hit the lottery and you can sit back and have a housing unit for life, but, remember, your deal is you pay 30 percent of your income in rent, but what it means is for every additional dollar you earn, you pay an addition 30 cents in rent,” he said.

The voucher concept is grounded in common sense, but it somehow got corrupted when HUD applied it to the public housing arena. Husock explains in straightforward terms why the way HUD does vouchers ends up encouraging the very traits most likely to produce poverty in an individual’s life.


COMING OUT FROM ILYA SOMIN: Democracy and Political Ignorance: Why Smaller Government Is Smarter, Second Edition.

BECAUSE THAT’S WHAT LEFTIST PURITANS DO: Why is the government out to destroy vaping?

Related: Even as it effectively decriminalized marijuana, California launched “a progressive jihad against ‘vaping,’ the use of so-called e-cigarettes that deliver nicotine in the form of vapor. . . . If that seems inconsistent to you, you are thinking about it the wrong way: For all of its scientific pretensions and empirical posturing, progressivism is not about evidence, and at its heart it is not even about public policy at all: It is about aesthetics. The goal of progressivism is not to make the world rational; it’s to make the world Portland.”

AFTER SPENDING NEARLY A CENTURY TRYING TO END THE “DICTATORSHIP OF THE MIDDLE CLASS,” YOU’D THINK OUR BETTERS WOULD HAVE GIVEN THE MATTER SOME THOUGHT: Is the U.S. Ready for Post-Middle-Class Politics? “The upper middle class are surprised by the rise of Trump. The actual middle class are surprised we’re surprised.”

Related: Trump vs. The New Class.

Plus: The Coming Middle Class Anarchy.

Supplementary Reading: The Revolt Against the Masses: How Liberalism Has Undermined the Middle Class.

ALSO THE OBAMACARE DEBACLE, THE LIBYA DISASTER, CHINA, RUSSIA, ETC. Obama report card: Lousy economy, Syria plague legacy.

ONE REGULATION IS PAINLESS. A MILLION OF THEM HURT: “‘In one year,’ wrote Warren Meyer in 2015, ‘I literally spent more personal time on compliance with a single regulatory issue — implementing increasingly detailed and draconian procedures so I could prove to the State of California that my employees were not working over their 30-minute lunch breaks — than I did thinking about expanding the business or getting new contracts.’”

Related: In Seattle, a minor victory in the left’s war of hyper-regulation: the trash man can’t poke around in your trash anymore.

STANDING UP AGAINST RACISM AND BIGOTRY Now THAT’S a tip: Twitter raises R13‚000 for RMF waitress:

Donations received from as far afield as England‚ Canada and Germany swelled a fund for the waitress to R13‚381 by 11am on Saturday‚ according to Roman Cabanac of Johannesburg‚ one of the three men behind the Twitter campaign.

The first gift – R50 – came from Sihle Ngobese‚ the spokesman for Western Cape social development MEC Albert Fritz‚ who went to the ObzCafe after work on Friday to find the waitress.

She had been reduced to tears by Ntokozo Qwabe‚ an RMF leader at Oxford University‚ who then posted a Facebook rant about what he and fellow activist Wandile Dlamini had done.

He wrote: “We are out at ObzCafe … and the time for the bill comes. Our waitress is a white woman. I ask … what the going rate for tips/gratuity is in these shores. They look at me very reluctantly and they say ‘give me the slip‚ I’ll sort that out’. I give them the slip.

“They take a pen & slip in a note where the gratuity/tip amount is supposed to be entered. The note reads in bold: “WE WILL GIVE TIP WHEN YOU RETURN THE LAND”. The waitress comes to us with a card machine for the bill to be sorted out. She sees the note & starts shaking. She leaves us & bursts into typical white tears (like why are you crying when all we’ve done is make a kind request? lol!).”

Ngobese told TimesLive on Saturday that he found Qwabe’s post “insulting‚ racist and disgraceful” and felt the least he could do was to give the waitress the tip she had been denied. He posted a photograph on Twitter of his receipt for R50‚ with the handwritten words “And the kindness is free. F*** RMF!”

“Qwabe misses the complete irony of what he did‚” Ngobese told TimesLive. “If you want to talk about privilege‚ being a master’s graduate from Oxford and lording it over a minimum-wage waitress is the height of irony. It speaks to the disdain I have for RMF’s claims to being a voice for the downtrodden.”

Well, that’s Social-Justice-Warriorism in a nutshell, isn’t it?


In the ultimate NIMBY region, good luck with that. As City Journal dubbed San Francisco in February “The Status Quo City — Celebrated for its openness, San Francisco has a hard time with change,” and equally wealthy (and leftist) areas of the Bay Area such as Palo Alto also love using their legislative clout to stand athwart history just as much.

POLL: Clinton, Sanders in statistical tie in Indiana.



This was originally a pamphlet that was distributed immediately after WWII by General Motors, of all people. If only GM had paid attention to its own advice, it never would have transmogrified into first “a health-care provider that makes cars as an industrial by-product,” and then — unexpectedly! — Government Motors. But as Conquest’s Second Law of Politics warns,  “Any organization not explicitly right-wing sooner or later becomes left-wing.”

(Via Insta-reader Dev Woolwine.)

SHOT: Trump: ‘We can’t continue to allow China to rape our country’

“We can’t continue to allow China to rape our country, and that’s what they’re doing,” Trump said during his second rally Sunday in Fort Wayne, Indiana, referring to China’s high number of exports relative to the U.S.

Trump has repeatedly accused China of manipulating its currency to make its exports more competitive on the global market and has claimed that China is “killing” the U.S. on trade.

CHASER: China, Trying to Bolster Currency, Taps Foreign Reserves.

Beijing has spent perhaps a trillion dollars since last year to keep the yuan strong as investors flee the country, and as the Chinese leadership pushes for the IMF to crown the yuan as a reserve currency later this year.

HANGOVER: Yuan drops against basket even as policy makers talk stability.

China’s central bank faces a delicate balancing act with the yuan. While weakening the currency bolsters economic growth by making exporters more competitive, declines in the exchange rate could also exacerbate capital flight and erode consumer confidence. More than $900 billion left China in 2015 as the yuan dropped 4.4 percent against the dollar, the biggest annual slide since 1994.

Central planning rarely works as advertised.

EXHIBITIONS: THE PROVOCATIVE ART SHOW: “Coordinated by Provocative Art 2016, this exhibit brought together renowned artists from across the country, including Pulitzer Prize winning cartoonist Michael Ramirez, National Review cover artist Roman Genn, and controversial guerilla public artist Sabo. As organizer Melissa Dawdy states, ‘…what provokes interest today is artwork that that expresses freedom within the context of Western Civilization.  Artists are planting a flag in the sand, saying ‘Art is not about conforming to a political view.’”

I’M NOT SURE WHAT THE CORPORATE HIERARCHY IS ON THIS, but Comcast spokesman Al Sharpton does not approve of Viacom spokesman Larry Wilmore’s use of the N-word during Sunday’s White House Correpsondents’ dinner, the L.A. Times reports:

Larry Wilmore’s use of the N-word to President Obama at end of his White House Correpsondents’ dinner performance received the stamp of disapproval from the Rev. Al Sharpton.

“Many of us are against using the N-word period,” Sharpton said at MSNBC’s after party that followed the event at the Washington Hilton. “But to say that to the President of the United States in front of the top people in media was at best in poor taste.”

Left out of the L.A. Times article? Language that Comcast spokesman Al Sharpton deems acceptable in public events; Sharpton himself called then-New York Mayor David Dinkins the N-word in 1992.

TRUMP JR. TO PJM: Denying Trump Nomination Would ‘Destroy’ GOP.

BERNIE SANDERS’ WIFE: It would be nice if FBI moved along Hillary Clinton email probe.

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