August 27, 2015

SO HE’S BASICALLY A BLACK DYLANN ROOF: Manifesto purportedly sent by Virginia gunman cites ‘race war.’

A fax attributed to Vester Lee Flanagan claims the slayings were a response to the Charleston mass shooting.

An apparent suicide note received by ABC News on Wednesday morning and attributed to Virginia shooting suspect Flanagan, aka Bryce Williams, claims the killing of two reporters during an on-air interview was motivated by the Charleston church shooting and a desire to incite a “race war.”

ABC News says a man identifying himself as both Flanagan and Williams — Flanagan’s on-air name — first contacted it several weeks ago.

The man asked for a fax number, claiming he wanted to pitch the news channel a story.

A fax reportedly transmitted two hours after this morning’s shooting appears to contain “suicide notes” authored by a man named Bryce Williams.

“What sent me over the top was the church shooting,” the author says, referring to June’s mass shooting at the historic Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, S.C. “And my hollow point bullets have the victims’ initials on them.”

“As for [Charleston shooting suspect] Dylann Roof? You [censored]! You want a race war [censored]? BRING IT THEN YOU WHITE …[censored]!!!”

The author then claims “Jehovah” told him to act on his plans.

“Also, I was influenced by Seung–Hui Cho. That’s my boy right there,” the notes continue, referencing the gunman who killed 32 people at Virginia Tech in 2007. “He got NEARLY double the amount that [Columbine High School shooters] Eric Harris and Dylann Klebold got…just sayin’.”

The fax, entitled “Suicide Note for Friends and Family,” concludes with a list of grievances that include “racial discrimination” and “sexual harassment” in the workplace, and makes reference to the author’s homosexuality.

Will we see culture war unleashed against any organizations he might have supported? Of course not. That sort of thing only goes in one direction.


Flanagan was also once reprimanded by WDBJ editors for wearing an Obama campaign sticker on his jacket while reporting from an election booth in 2012, saying it ‘demonstrated a basic lack of understanding of your role as an on-air journalist’ and was a clear breach of impartiality rules.

Will Obama apologize for the behavior of one of his followers?


JENNIFER KABBANY: In Defense of Offensive Speech: Off-Campus Tomfoolery Should Not Be Regulated By Overzealous Administrators. Nope. None of their business. If administrators want to make it their business, students should make it their business to ensure that they regret it.

MY BROTHER-IN-LAW’S BAR, THE HALF-BARREL, made #22 on this list of best college bars. Well-deserved.

TEACH WOMEN NOT TO RAPE! (CONT’D): Faith Academy teacher accused of sex with student.

TROLL LEVEL: GRANDMASTER. “Snooty Californian Wine Train Liberals Horrified By Black Book Club,” writes Milo Yiannopoulos.

But considering the amount of racism in the left-dominated TV news industry, in Hollywood (just ask any leftwing movie critic), and in other leftwing enclaves such as Manhattan (just ask Ta-Nehisi Coates), Chicago (as Michelle Obama herself has noted), Washington, and particularly among Hillary Clinton and her supporters, perhaps it’s time for the left to take a good hard look in the mirror about its rampant structural racism.

I’m sure MSNBC, aka “Jim Crow TV,” will get right on this topic.


J. CHRISTIAN ADAMS: Vester Flanagan/Bryce Williams July road rage incident caught on video?

WHAT TRUMP SHOULD DO: It’s time for The Donald to K.O. the reactionary worldview of Al Sharpton and other punitive leftists, Roger Simon writes.


August 26, 2015

THE CRONY LIFE: Obamacare Gives Big Windfall To Insurance Companies As Quality of Healthcare Declines.

SO BASICALLY EVERY CROOKED DEMOCRATIC OFFICIAL IS DOING THIS? Indicted Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane Kane Frequently Used Private Email Account.

Attorney General Kathleen Kane received message from colleagues on her private account, making it difficult for investigators to answer certain questions.

According to Michael Sisak of the Associated Press, the fact that Kane conversed with employees on her private email account will prevent investigators from seeing her responses.

A critical example of this concerns the all-important June 6, 2014 Daily News piece in which grand jury information was used.

Apparently Kane received links to that article the day it was published.

The problem is that last November, the AG told the grand jury she didn’t read the article until August 2014.

It’s lies and coverups all the way down.

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: The Economic Guide To Picking A College Major:

For all the recent skepticism about the value of a college education, a bachelor’s degree is still “worth it” on average. In fact, according to a recent analysis by economists at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, the average value of a college degree is near an all-time high, even factoring in rising tuitions.

But the key word there is “average.” The same Fed researchers also found that the lowest-earning 25 percent of college graduates earn less than about half of high school graduates — and the high school grads also had four years to make money while the college students were taking on debt. And those figures don’t include the shockingly high percentage of college students who don’t graduate, many of whom end up with the worst of both worlds: saddled with debt, but with no degree to help their job prospects.

Do tell.

SIGN OF THE TIMES? Controversial petition to class feminism as terrorism. The actual petition is here.

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MY USA TODAY COLUMN: In Europe, Immigration Drama That Has Nothing To Do With Donald Trump.

MICHAEL TOTTEN: How To Destroy A City In Five Minutes:

You don’t need a weapon of mass destruction to ruin a city.

Well, maybe sometimes you do. You’re not getting rid of New York City without one. But some of the world’s cities are so vulnerable, so precariously perched above an abyss, that a single bloodthirsty nutjob with a rifle can bring it to its knees in a matter of minutes.

Look at Tunisia’s resort city of Sousse on the Mediterranean. Two months ago, an ISIS-inspired nutcase named Seifeddine Rezgui strolled up the beach with a Kalashnikov in his hand and murdered 38 people, most of them tourists from Britain.

The police shot him, of course. There was never going to be any other ending than that one. And before the police arrived, local Tunisians formed a protective human shield around Rezgui’s would-be foreign victims. “Kill us! Kill us, not these people!” shouted Mohamed Amine. According to survivor John Yeoman, hotel staff members charged the gunman and said, “We won’t let you through. You’ll have to go through us.”

Tunisia’s hospitality and customer service are deservedly legendary, but that was truly above and beyond. It’s how Tunisia rolls, but in the end, it doesn’t matter. Tourists are not going back.

A few still wander around here and there, but the locals are calling them ghosts. Who else lives in a ghost town but ghosts?

Hotels are laying off workers. Shops are empty and many will have to be closed. The city is reeling with feelings of guilt and anxiety. Guilt because one of their own murdered guests, the gravest possible offense against the ancient Arab code of hospitality, and anxiety because—what now? How will the city survive? How will all the laid-off workers earn a living with their industry on its back? Sousse without tourists is like Hollywood without movies and Detroit without automobile manufacturing.

Even Tunisia’s agriculture economy is crashing. Prices are down by 35 percent because the resorts don’t need to feed tourists anymore.

The terrorists won this one.

TESTING THE LIMITS OF CONTRARIANISM FOR ITS OWN SAKE, PART DEUX: Liberal Historian Calls POW-MIA Flag Racist, Then Apologizes While Attacking America.

CONSTRICTOR SNAKES DON’T KILL BY SUFFOCATION, but by interrupting blood flow.

TESTING THE LIMITS OF CONTRARIANISM FOR ITS OWN SAKE: Just a reminder: Don’t submit pieces to Vox that might challenge abortion.

CHANGE: Vegas health clinic gambles on a new brand of primary care. “It doesn’t feel like a funeral home, like most doctor’s offices. It’s a relaxed environment.”

ALL THE COOL STUFF WILL HAPPEN ABOUT 20 YEARS TOO LATE FOR ME: Privately-Owned Space Stations Are Just Over the Horizon.

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MY USA TODAY COLUMN: In Europe, Immigration Drama That Has Nothing To Do With Donald Trump.

SPOTTING HIGH ENERGY NEUTRINOS deep under the Antarctic ice.

TRYING TO DEFUSE A DEMOGRAPHIC TIME BOMB, China looks at population growth policies. “The focus sets the stage for a host of rule changes regarding health, pensions, social welfare and possibly lifting the caps on children some families can have, the person said. More than three decades into an industrial boom that has created the world’s second-largest economy, China’s struggling to get rich before it grows old. The working-age population shrank for the first time in at least two decades last year as growth slowed, echoing Japan’s downturn in the late 1990s. As part of the shift, the party may lower its hard growth target of 7 percent to a range between 6.5 percent and 7 percent and make that a flexible guideline, the person said.”

IT’S PADDY CHAYEFSKY’S MEDIA WORLD, WE JUST LIVE IN IT: So for the past month, a cartoon-like Manhattan real estate plutocrat has well-positioned himself to be the potential next President of the United States by sucking all the oxygen out of any room he is in, particularly as his churlish dowager opponent flails about while under FBI investigation. Yesterday, a Democrat party activist for amnesty for illegal foreign immigrants attempted to hog the microphone at the cartoon zillionaire’s press conference, and today justifies his boorish actions by claiming, as Allahpundit paraphrases, “My ‘right’ to talk over other reporters and ask Trump grandstanding questions was trampled” when Trump’s security man had him temporarily removed from the press conference.

Also today in a far more sinister media development, “A disgruntled former news reporter who shot dead two of his ex-coworkers during a live TV segment this morning is in very critical condition after attempting to kill himself,” according to the London Daily Mail:

Viewers of WDBJ, a small CBS affiliate in Moneta, Virginia, watched in horror this morning as the Vester Lee Flanigan II shot dead 24-year-old reporter Alison Parker and cameraman Adam Ward, 27, on live TV as the two were filming a light-hearted segment at 6:45am.

After carrying out the shocking on-air execution, Ward rented a car at the airport and then started driving east.

Police finally cornered Flanigan just before noon, about three hours northeast, in Fauquier County, Virginia, but he refused to stop and sped away from troopers.

Flanigan then crashed the car off the road and when police surrounded the vehicle, they found him suffering from a life-threatening gunshot wound.

As I wrote in 2013, Paddy Chayefsky’s 1976 film Network, itself inspired by the on-air suicide of a distaff local Florida TV news reporter in 1974, really is Big Media’s How-To Guide for the Obama Era.

LYING IS WHAT THEY DO, AND WHO THEY ARE: The White House Lies About Gun Violence . . . Again. “‘Gun violence’ is not ‘becoming’ anything. Rather, it’s down — and dramatically.”

THE GREAT STAGNATION: Growing Input-Outcome Disparity In Biomedical Research. “Why does this matter? Our lives depend on the rate of advance of biomedical treatments. We all have an expiration date on our bodies absent some really big advances in methods to rejuvenate aging bodies. How many decades do you have left to live? Not as many as you would have if only increased spending on biomedical research had translated into a more rapid rate of progress in the development of gene therapies, cell therapies, and other therapies needed for tissue repair and rejuvenation.”

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: Prof. Alice Dreger resigns over Northwestern University censorship.

NORMAN LEWIS: “The quest for robotic cars is underwritten by a suspicion of humanity.”

AUSTIN BAY: Terror and Surprise on the Paris Express.

Islamist terrorist Ayoub El Khazzani managed to evade security agency surveillance in at least five countries. Despite strict Belgian and French gun- and ammunition-control laws, not only did Khazzani acquire an AK-47 assault rifle, but when the moment came to wage armed jihad, he successfully evaded rail station security and slipped his AK with 200 rounds of ammo on board an elite trans-European express.

Wait, police spokesmen are wont to say, in a free society the cops can’t be everywhere all the time. Too true. And when targeting free societies, terrorists bank on it. Concealed in the open may be an oxymoron. Yet terrorists do conceal themselves in open societies by passing as peaceful members of that society.

Khazzani passed as peaceful. He intended to surprise the train passengers, and he did, sort of. Reliance on surprise makes terror attacks a type of ambush. By definition, in an ambush, attackers strike from concealed positions. In a military ambush, where soldiers ambush soldiers, the attackers must remain concealed until the second they trigger the ambush. If surprise is lost and the ambush is discovered, the ambushers lose their advantage.

Khazzani muffed the transition from concealment to attack. A French banker, identified as Damien A., saw him in a lavatory with his weapon. He grabbed at Khazzani. Khazzani ran into the rail car where passenger Mark Moogalian (an American living in France) accosted him.

Now Khazzani is targeting unarmed civilians. Blown ambush? Shouting? No problem. He has firepower. He shot Moogalian.

But other passengers had more surprises. Instead of cowering, they responded heroically. First one, U.S. Air Force Airman 1st Class Spencer Stone, got to Khazzani, and then a second, and then four were on him. He could not aim the weapon. In the hand-to-hand struggle, he pulled a pair of box cutters and wounded Stone. He drew a pistol. But Stone’s friends, Oregon Army National Guard Specialist Alek Skarlatos and California college student Anthony Sadler, kept battering him. British businessman Chris Norman joined the fight. They disarmed and pinned Khazzani. To emphasize his disapproval, Skarlatos used the AK’s muzzle to make repetitive metal impressions on Khazzani’s head. Did the message get through? Khazzani was a finger twitch from eternity.

The en masse quick physical assault on Khazzani was somewhat like a tactic the military calls an instantaneous counterattack on a close-in ambush. In the ambush’s kill zone, the defenders have little chance, and so they instantly turn and assault the ambushers. Penetrating the ambush positions brings the battle to the ambushers. In the resulting melee, the ambushers lose the advantage of surprise.

It takes confident, trained and well-led combat units to respond that coolly and cohesively. But the comparison is instructive. . . . Can you train people to respond en masse to a terrorist attack? Sure. Group action by unarmed civilians can stop a lone gunman. A suicide bomber is another matter. Best be in a state that allows people to carry personal firearms. But an effective group response to any threat requires leadership, and in most situations, that means leadership by example. On the Paris express, I count five examples of leadership. One leader jostled in the lavatory. One gave warning. Three struck in a pack. Norman had the guts to follow. Free people in free societies can surprise you.

Read the whole thing.

IN THE MAIL: From Vox Day, with a foreword from Milo Yiannopoulos, SJWs Always Lie: Taking Down the Thought Police.

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TAXPROF ROUNDUP: The IRS Scandal, Day 839.

GREEN CORRUPTION: Carbon Offsets May Have Dramatically Increased Emissions.

That’s the finding of a new report from the Stockholm Environment Institute, which investigated carbon credits used to offset greenhouse gas emissions under a UN scheme. As one of the co-authors of the report put it, issuing these credits “was like printing money.” . . .

The SEI sampled 60 random projects and found a whopping 80 percent of them to be of questionable green merit. The majority of these bogus Russian and Ukrainian offsets were used by the European Union’s Emissions Trading System (the EU ETS), a program already bogged down with problems pricing carbon. “[T]he poor overall quality of [Joint Implementation] projects may have undermined the EU’s emission reduction target by some 400 million tons of CO2,” said Anja Kollmuss, one of the leaders of the study.
This has huge implications, then, for Europe’s green goals. For years EU members have chosen to outsource emissions cuts with these carbon credits, but the lack of proper oversight at the UN level of the projects abroad supposedly generating these cuts now leaves the supposedly eco-conscious bloc in a bind. “If the EU was taking its climate targets seriously, then at least 400 million ETS certificates would have to be deleted to counter that,” Kollmuss pointed out.

But perhaps worst of all are the perverse incentives the SEI report alleges these credit swaps have created for actually increasing emissions. According to a study released in the journal Nature Climate Change, plants in Russia “increased waste gas generation to unprecedented levels once they could generate credits from producing more waste gas,” resulting in an increase in emissions as large as 600 million tons of carbon dioxide—roughly half the amount the EU’s ETS intends to reduce from 2013 to 2030.

It’s like the whole thing is just one big scam.

GUNMAN, STILL AT LARGE, SHOOTS, KILLS two Virginia TV journalists on live TV.

Here are a couple of screengrabs of him. Somebody out there knows who this is.



UPDATE: Shooter is apparently another reporter at the station, who has shot himself now. “Becky Coyner, with the Augusta County Sheriff’s Office, said authorities had been looking for Vester Flanagan, 41, whose used the name Bryce Williams while working for WDBJ. Video has been posted on what appears to be Williams’ Facebook page showing the shooting from the perspective of the shooter. The gun is visible and a victim, Alison Parker, is seen being shot.”

I predict a rapid falloff in media interest now that it’s clear the shooter was a black guy and a journalist. “Flanagan, whose TV name is Bryce Williams and was employed by WDBJ7, began tweeting Wednesday at 11:09 a.m. ET about the incident. Flanagan tweeted that Parker made racist comments and that he filed an Equal Employment Opportunity Commission report. He also tweeted that Ward went to human resources on him ‘after working with me one time!!!’”

But don’t worry, the press has figured out what group is really at fault:

Screen Shot 2015-08-26 at 12.22.51 PM

If she’d blamed his entire race, instead of his entire gender, she’d never work again. Because bigotry is unacceptable!

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INVESTOR’S BUSINESS DAILY: IRS Scandal: Toby Miles, Secret Government Employee.

IMMIGRATION: Refugees race into Hungary as border fence nears completion. “Thousands of refugees, most fleeing wars in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan, have been snaking northward through the Balkans in recent days, confronting a Europe woefully unprepared to deal with them at every step. Most endured a perilous crossing to Greece aboard rafts and boats, some barely fit to sail. They traversed Greece, a nation paralyzed by economic crisis and too poor to handle a flow of people that in July hit a record high. At the border with Macedonia late last week, they trudged through a wall of riot police, who fought them back with tear gas before relenting. Now, the asylum-seekers, thousands a day, are racing into Hungary, which is rushing to complete a barbed-wire border fence by the end of the month to force them to seek other routes.”

ASHE SCHOW: Mozilla’s Discriminatory Anti-Discrimination Crusade:

Setting aside the irony of telling an employee who does not like the current attitudes of activists in the tech industry that their kind doesn’t belong at Mozilla, Beard is continuing a new tradition at the company.

The former CEO, Brendan Eich, was forced to resign after it was discovered he had donated — six years previously — to an anti-gay marriage initiative, Proposition 8, in California. Same-sex marriage supporters protested the years-old donation by boycotting Mozilla, resulting in Eich’s departure.

The boycotters conveniently ignored the fact that Proposition 8 passed comfortably in the liberal state of California in 2008. Incidentally, when Eich made the donation, then-senator and presidential candidate Barack Obama was still saying marriage was “between a man and a woman.”

But at Mozilla, holding someone accountable for views that do not jibe with the present moral authority is apparently a company policy. And those who dare to question the acceptable narratives are cast out as heathens.

Unsurprisingly, as Silicon Valley has gotten less and less productive of revolutionary new products, it’s gotten more and more into “social justice” crusades. Or, hey, maybe it’s the other way around.


Ten months after graduation, only 60 percent of the law school class of 2014 had found full-time long-term jobs that required them to pass the bar exam.

Even that improvement over the class of 2013 (a 57 percent employment rate) came with three asterisks: Last year, the American Bar Association changed the job-reporting rules to give law schools an extra month for the class of 2014 to find jobs; graduates employed in law-school-funded positions count in the employment rate; and the number of jobs that require bar passage fell from 2013 to 2014.

Amazingly (and perversely), law schools have been able to continue to raise tuition while producing nearly twice as many graduates as the job market has been able to absorb. How is this possible? Why hasn’t the market corrected itself? The answer is that, for a given school, the availability of federal loans for law students has no connection to their poor post-graduation employment outcomes.

Students now amass law school loans averaging $127,000 for private schools and $88,000 for public ones. Since 2006 alone, law student debt has surged at inflation-adjusted rates of 25 percent for private schools and 34 percent for public schools.

The rule of thumb is that you shouldn’t owe more than your first year’s salary. Few legal jobs start at $88,000, fewer still at $127,000.

DID A LOCAL NEWS STATION JUST COME OUT AGAINST DONALD TRUMP? “Here’s a very interesting screen cap of a post now removed from the ABC7 Los Angeles Facebook page. Their original question accompanying the video of Trump and Ramos: ‘How long will the GOP allow this?’”

CULTURE OF CORRUPTION: Hillary Pulls In Contributions From Twice As Many Lobbyists As Nearest Candidate.

In early March, lobbyists were fretting over whether Hillary Clinton would allow K Street contributions to flow into her campaign. Now, Hillary is leading the pack when it comes to money pouring in from Washington-based lobbyists.

Hillary tops not just her Democratic rivals, but also Republicans. In fact, her nearest threat to K Street donations received contributions from half as many lobbyists as she did thus far into the election cycle.

Remember, she’s running as the candidate of the middle class.

NO. NEXT QUESTION: Will Joe Biden Have To Answer For His Long Record of Terrible Decisions?

SO MUCH FOR “SAFE, LEGAL AND RARE:” Eighth Planned Parenthood Video: ‘They’re a Volume Institution.’

SALENA ZITO: Of alternate universes and the pitfalls of populism. “First: it’s early. We have no idea what the field is going to look like in January when the first caucus and primary votes are cast… and certainly no idea what it will look like by the time primary races matter in February and March. Second: there is always an insurgency candidate who early-on captures the imagination of voters and the press… until competition, the candidate’s own behavior and public scrutiny brings them back down to earth. The only populist candidate ever to really capitalize on voters’ discontent and win the presidency was Andrew Jackson.”

August 25, 2015

WELL, SHE’S A KENNEDY, WHICH MAKES HER EVEN MORE ENTITLED THAN A CLINTON: US Ambassador to Japan Caroline Kennedy used private email for official business.

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BRENDAN O’NEILL: The Calais migrants and the moral bankruptcy of PC.

AN ADMINISTRATION THAT WENT TO WAR ON FAULTY INTELLIGENCE: Inquiry Weighs Whether Data on ISIS Was Distorted. “The Pentagon’s inspector general is investigating allegations that military officials have skewed intelligence assessments about the United States-led campaign in Iraq against the Islamic State to provide a more optimistic account of progress, according to several officials familiar with the inquiry. The investigation began after at least one civilian Defense Intelligence Agency analyst told the authorities that he had evidence that officials at United States Central Command — the military headquarters overseeing the American bombing campaign and other efforts against the Islamic State — were improperly reworking the conclusions of intelligence assessments prepared for policy makers, including President Obama, the government officials said.”

NEWS YOU CAN USE: Stock up on canned food for stock market crash, warns former Gordon Brown adviser.


SCIENCE, UNSETTLED: No, You Do Not Have To Drink 8 Glasses Of Water A Day. I’m beginning to think that a lot of the health pronouncements we’ve been hearing for years are bogus.

TRUMP’S “I’M PAYING FOR THIS MICROPHONE” MOMENT? Trump security man ejects Univision’s Jorge Ramos after he attempts to hijack press conference.

Alternate headline: The Donald finally picks on someone who isn’t with Fox News.

(Not that you need it, but here’s the headline explanation for our younger readers.)

Ramos is yet another Democrat operative with a byline; yesterday on CNN, he “accused Donald Trump of spreading ‘hate’ by referring to illegal immigrants as ‘illegals’ and the children of illegal immigrants as ‘anchor babies.’” And as Allahpundit adds today in his post on Trump’s ejection of Ramos (“Alternate headline: ‘Trump rises another 10 points in Republican polls’”), “He’s the most shameless amnesty shill in American media and makes no apologies for it; his advice to colleagues in journalism is ‘Don’t be neutral. Neutrality is for referees in a football game.’”

But from global warming to gay marriage to amnesty, is there any topic left that today’s “reporters” are actually still neutral on?

UPDATE: “Journalists angry at Trump for tossing out Ramos, when’s the last time you had the balls to challenge Obama as voraciously?”

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THEY TOLD ME IF I VOTED FOR MITT ROMNEY, GAY ESCORT SERVICES WOULD BE TREATED AS NATIONAL SECURITY THREATS. AND THEY WERE RIGHT! Homeland Security Raids DHS “will use its unique authorities to disrupt and dismantle” gay escort sites, says special investigator.

How about we dismantle the Department of Homeland Security, which was a mistake from day one.

NEWS YOU CAN USE: Why salad is so overrated. “It occupies precious crop acreage, requires fossil fuels to be shipped, refrigerated, around the world, and adds nothing but crunch to the plate. . . . Four of the five lowest-ranking vegetables (by serving size) are salad ingredients: cucumbers, radishes, iceberg lettuce and celery. (The fifth is eggplant.) Those foods’ nutritional profile can be partly explained by one simple fact: They’re almost all water. Although water figures prominently in just about every vegetable (the sweet potato, one of the least watery, is 77 percent), those four salad vegetables top the list at 95 to 97 percent water. A head of iceberg lettuce has the same water content as a bottle of Evian (1-liter size: 96 percent water, 4 percent bottle) and is only marginally more nutritious.”

I like a nice salad. But yeah.

I MENTIONED THE Bug-A-Salt Rifle yesterday.

Here’s a review by SayUncle. I think, though, that this is the original model, not the 2.0 version linked above.


“Not since the Vietnam War has there been this level of disappointment in the behavior of America throughout the world, and I don’t think that another incredibly polarizing figure, no matter how smart she is and no matter how ambitious she is — and God knows, is there anybody more ambitious than Hillary Clinton? — can bring the country together…Everybody in politics lies, but [the Clintons] do it with such ease, it’s troubling.”

Hollywood mogul David Geffen, via Drudge.

WE’RE NOT THE ONLY ONES WITH IMMIGRATION PROBLEMS: Inside the Migrant “Jungle” in Northern France.

IF YOU THINK GOVERNMENT SHOULD EVER BE LIMITED, YOU WANT PEOPLE TO DIE IN FIRES: “Hey, that’s not me saying it. That’s Slate saying it.”


Mine was clearly sending me mixed messages last week:



SO THE PARIS TRAIN THING IS a reason to bring back the draft? I don’t think so.

TALKING HOME RECORDING WITH MITCH GALLAGHER OF SWEETWATER: If you follow my Twitter feed* you may have seen a few photos from my trip last week to the heartland, with visits to Fort Wayne, Chicago, and Plano, Illinois, home of Mies van der Rohe’s epochal modernist residence, the Farnsworth House.

Fort Wayne, Indiana is home to the giant campus and warehouse of Internet music retailer While there, I interviewed Mitch Gallagher, their editorial director and chief YouTube clip producer (and former Keyboard magazine editor) for a 17-minute podcast interview at the PJ Lifestyle section on both how Sweetwater grew from one man and a ’66 VW bus with a four-track recorder in the back to the giant operation it is today, and on what it takes for someone to get started recording his or her own music. Take a listen here.

* What, you’re not following me on Twitter? Well, that’s easy enough to rectify


CLAUDIA ROSETT: Inspector General Slams Ambassador To Japan Caroline Kennedy’s Embassy as Amateur Hour: “Having a celebrity socialite run the huge embassy was as foolish as it looked.”

Hey, America was warned about placing celebrities in charge of huge government organizations in 2008, and foolishly ignored the danger signs:

HMM: ‘Metabolic Switch’ Toggles Our Cells to Store or Burn Fat. “Genetic risk factors like this one are often seen as bad cards; unlucky strokes of fate that we can’t do a damn thing about. But thanks to recent advances in synthetic biology, the idea of restoring normal functionality to bunk genes isn’t so crazy anymore. In laboratory cells and mice, Kellis and her collaborators are investigating whether fat-hoarding IRX genes can be switched into the fat-burning variety.”

We’ve all got a lot of things we’d like to be able to switch off, or on.


The ghosts of Keith Moon and John Bonham called, said you might want to dial it back a couple of notches…


FOX NEWS STAFFERS WARN TRUMP TO BACK OFF OF MEGYN KELLY AFTER FEUD REIGNITES: Funny how, much like Obama in 2008 and 2009, Trump only goes after Fox News, isn’t it? Though to be fair, get back to me when Trump or a national surrogate threatens to through a journalist through a plate glass window.

READER BOOK PLUG: From Craig DeRoche, Highly Functional: A Collision of Addiction,Justice and Grace.

LIFE IN THE 21ST CENTURY: FDNY rescues 910-pound woman through apartment window.

WHO IS TOBY MILES? The roots of Lois Lerner’s latest secret email account: “Her use of the mysterious account has prompted speculation into the source of the name. “Toby Miles,” according to a former Lerner colleague, is the name of Lerner’s dog: Toby is the dog’s, and Miles is the surname of Lerner’s husband, Michael Miles. . . .Lerner was not alone in her use of an e-mail alias. Lisa Jackson, the former administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, used the e-mail alias ‘Richard Windsor,’ apparently derived from the name of a dog her family owned while living in Windsor, New Jersey.”

THE INSTA-WIFE ON OLD DOMINION’S HIGHER-ED POLICE STATE: “Go ahead and drop off mom too.” “If women and white knight university presidents are too fragile for this type of prank, they should have their own free standing universities (asylums) where they can live in a bubble filled with other people just like them filled with unicorns and butterflies. These people are idiots and the frat guys are freedom fighters. Fight the good fight and stand up for free speech, even if it is offensive.”

Punch back twice as hard.

Related: Sigma Nu’s banner is protected speech. And it’s not very offensive.

UPDATE: Old Dominion University President John R. Broderick earns $368,493 in annual salary. Post that on your house, as a reader suggests. . . .

DON SURBER: Billionaires For Bernie! “The rich long ago figured out how to profit from socialism. Why do you think FDR, JFK and Jay Rockefeller supported bigger and bigger government? And so George Soros (worth $9 billion before Obama’s presidency began, $24 billion today) indulges in this luxury. And this year Soros is underwriting large chunks of the campaign of that young man Bernie Sanders.”

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: Rising UNC Student Loan Default Rates Indicate Fundamental Problems.

MOE LANE: Twitter Will Probably Keep Blocking Politician-Archiving: “Twitter almost certainly values having politicians on Twitter more than it values holding those politicians accountable for what they say on Twitter. Therefore, Twitter will do little things to please its politician-tweeters. Not archiving their Tweets is a very nice ‘little thing’ for Twitter to do.”

KURT SCHLICHTER ON LANGUAGE: Liberals Use PC Words Because They’re Convenient To Them. Here Are Words To Use Instead.

MARC THIESSEN: An Ominous Precedent For Hillary Clinton. “Hillary Clinton likes to point out that she is not the first senior national security official to conduct official business on a home computer system. She’s right about that, but the precedent should not give the Democratic presidential front-runner much comfort. Former CIA director John Deutch was also found to have stored classified documents — including top-secret intelligence — on computers in his homes in Bethesda and Belmont, Mass., leading to an investigation by the CIA inspector general and a criminal investigation by the Justice Department. Deutch was stripped of his security clearance and ended up reaching a plea agreement admitting to his crimes — but was saved by a last-minute pardon from none other than . . . President Bill Clinton. The parallels between the Deutch and Clinton cases suggest that come January 2017, instead of planning her presidential transition, Clinton may find herself lobbying for a last-minute pardon of her own.”

To be fair, I think her plan is to pardon herself.

WHY POLITICO IS DEAD WRONG TO BE PLEASED ABOUT OUR SHRINKING NAVAL POWER: Dude, it’s Politico. The first four words of that headline are a perennial.

IT’S ACTUALLY MORE LIKE A LIMP-WRISTED SLAP: Jeb Bush Takes a Cue From Donald Trump’s Playbook: Punch Back.

Mr. Trump has called Mr. Bush’s immigration plans “baby stuff” and his education policy “pathetic.” He has expressed mock sympathy for Mr. Bush’s audiences, who he says must be so bored that “they’re sleeping.” . . .

After enduring those slings and arrows for weeks, to the mounting dismay of supporters, Mr. Bush, the former Florida governor, and his aides have decided to venture outside their comfort zone and borrow a page from Mr. Trump’s playbook: Hit back, with force and creativity, over and over again in the coming weeks.

It is a turning point in Mr. Bush’s campaign that was on display Monday in McAllen, Tex., along the border with Mexico. There, Mr. Bush called Mr. Trump’s immigration plan “unrealistic,” described his policies as un-Republican and acidly recommended that the businessman read Mr. Bush’s book “Immigration Wars” to acquaint himself with a practical solution.

FREE SPEECH UPDATE: ‘NY Daily News’ to NY Colleges: Adopt U. of Chicago Statement on Free Speech.

TAXPROF ROUNDUP: The IRS Scandal, Day 838.

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: All is not well at Connecticut College: An Andrew Pessin update.

Regular readers may recall that Connecticut College philosophy professor Andrew Pessin was the target of what amounted to a hoax accusing him of expressing racist sentiments against Palestinians. Campus activists circulated a Facebook post he wrote in which he denounced Hamas (he compared it to a rabid pit bull, which, as I’ve noted, is grossly unfair to rabid pit bulls), cut off the comment section to the post where he removed any ambiguity that he was referring to Hamas and not Palestinians in general, and, with the complicity of the school newspaper, made Pessin the subject of a campus-wide and ultimately national campaign of vilification. This included various academic departments in the university and even the university president denouncing Pessin’s alleged “hateful” rhetoric, and a campus-wide forum in which Pessin’s few defenders were heckled.

Months later, Pessin, driven off campus by the stress of the two-minutes hate, still has not resumed his teaching duties.

Cost of attending Connecticut College for one year: $62,965.

NEWS YOU CAN USE: You Can’t Time The Market.

Unless maybe you’re planning to retire tomorrow. Are you planning to retire tomorrow? I don’t mean “soon.” I mean, are you planning to retire on Aug. 25, 2015? Because if not, there’s no reason for you to be looking at the day-to-day movements in your 401(k). You probably lost a lot of money in the last week. And you know what you can do about that? Nothing.

Oh, sure, you could try to time the market by selling now, waiting for it to bottom, and buying back. A lot of people get rich doing this in novels, particularly novels set in the Great Depression. You know why they’re able to do this? Because the author gets to cheat; they have the prices right there in front of them, and they can whisper them to their character, maybe along with a plausible rationale as to how they should know this is the top, and then recognize the bottom when it comes along. In the real Great Depression, a lot of people took a bath attempting this strategy, because what they thought was the bottom turned out to be a temporary pause before the market dropped into the basement, then got out a pick and a shovel and started digging through the bedrock.

Ah, but financial professionals will protest that many people in their industry do sell into a crash and then pick up assets on the cheap. True, though my experience is that you are more likely to hear about the times this was a winning strategy than the times when it was not. More importantly: Are you, dear reader, a financial professional who spends all day glued to the market data feed, watching for the bottom? Or are you the sort of person more likely to park some cash in your trading account in preparation for that golden moment to buy … and then forget about it for six months because Mom had a nasty bout with pneumonia right after you had to shepherd Junior through the college application process?

Attempting to time the market, like most other active trading strategies, produces at best a modest premium that roughly pays for the work needed to generate the excess profits. (At worst, you lose much more in herd behavior and trading fees than you gain in value.) But that’s for people who do this for a living. The odds that you, who have so many other things to think about, are going to wade into the market and outperform the professionals are approximately the same as the odds of you getting up out of your armchair, wandering down to the nearest major league sports arena, and outperforming the folks on the field.

Even professional money managers seldom beat the market for long.

JAMES WEBB: “Many women appear to be having problems with their sexuality.”

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BLOGGINGHEADS: Matt Lewis: Hillary Doesn’t Have Bill’s Talent For Escaping Scandal. “I think she looks fake, she looks phony. . . . a grandmother who’s not hip, who’s screeching.”

PALACE GUARD FIERCELY DEFENDS THE THRONE! ‘Dear Leader will be OK’: WaPo ‘hackery’ puts America’s fears at ease during market plunge.

IT WAS NECESSARY TO DESTROY THE ENVIRONMENT IN ORDER TO SAVE IT: Obama Jets Out to Vegas to Talk Climate Change as Stock Market Plummets on Black Monday. Or to put it another way, “Pres. Obama will fly Air Force One to Las Vegas, burning 24,560 gallons of jet fuel to deliver an environmental speech.”

Remember when Obama was telling Americans ‘don’t go to Las Vegas’ early in his first term? Good times, good times.

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: Old Dominion University: Offensive Messages On Private Property “Will Not Be Tolerated.”

My advice to these fraternity guys: (1) Immediately complain to the Department of Education and the Department of Justice that you’re being targeted because of your race and sex, and denied your First Amendment rights. No, nothing will come of this, but that’s not the point. The process is the punishment. (2) Sue on the same grounds. (3) The real killer: Go to the Virginia Legislature and tell them they should cut Old Dominion’s budget. Come prepared with figures on the number of administrators on campus now, versus 10 and 20 years ago. File freedom of information requests and get the travel expense figures for the folks in the administration. Look over them for suspicious and large expenditures. (You’ll find them!) Make a big stink about those.

Administrative bloat leads to large numbers of “student life” educrats without enough to do, so they’ve created a quasi-police-state to fill the time. State legislators are looking for things to cut anyway, and higher ed doesn’t have the clout it used to have. This will hurt them more than anything else you can do.


“Moreover, ‘yes means yes’ legislation effectively criminalizes millions of actions by individuals and partners that do not lead to rape or sexual assault,” Staley wrote. “Rape and sexual assault still occur at unacceptably high levels, but the solution is not to criminalize normal, healthy behavior.”

I’ve written about this aspect of “yes means yes” before. Under these policies, all sex is rape unless one follows the rules set forth under the policy. And even then, unless one can prove they obtained consent under these policies, the existence of a “yes” every step of the way is meaningless.

These policies are deliberately designed to terrorize men. They are, in and of themselves, responsible for creating a hostile educational environment on account of sex.

NOT EVEN A SMIDGEN: Lois Lerner Had Another Secret Email Account, Under The Name “Toby Miles.”

UNEXPECTEDLY: Second-highest paid L.A. County employee in 2014 didn’t work a single day.

Reminder to California civil servants: Bell, California’s staggering fiscal meltdown at the dawn of the Obama era is a warning, not a how-to guide for the topping the Guinness World Record Book of graft.

MILO YIANNOPOULOS: Silicon Valley Is Headed for Disaster, and No One Can Save It.

America will always plant crops and need chemicals to service those crops. And it will always need payment, delivery and data services. But will it always need Facebook and Twitter? Cisco runs a large proportion of the Internet; Facebook hosts your grandma’s pictures. You do the math.

There won’t be any suicides in Silicon Valley – the most dangerous thing to happen in northern California occurred last month when an angel investor’s Birkenstocks got caught in the BART elevator – but the whole edifice on which the delicate San Francisco ecosystem is based is about to come crashing down all over again.

The only silver lining in all this is that Jim Cramer is about lose what little remaining hair he had as all of his recent “buy” picks melt into oblivion. You heard it here first.