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Dr. Helen

The Myth of Male Power: Updated

May 3rd, 2014 - 4:35 am

I just got an email from Warren Farrell that his book The Myth of Male Power is now available as an updated e-book. You can view it here.

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Looks interesting. I haven't read this book, but from what I can gather from the reviews and comments it presents a comprehensive overview of the anti-male/pro-female laws and policies that are exploitative and destructive of men and boys.

It seems to me though that this book is more about identifying these laws and policies, and describing the myriad cultural and societal problems caused by them, which is a good place to begin--the more people come to understand how deleterious the laws and policies are, the more people will move to implement the necessary changes. But I didn't get the impression this book offers any solutions.

One book that does offer solutions is The Liberty Amendments: Restoring the American Republic, by Mark Levin. It's about how the state legislatures can shut down the intrusive federal government by convening a constitutional convention and amending the Constitution, bypassing the congress and the judiciary altogher by invoking their rights under Article V. That's the only legislative way to begin to adress some of these problems. The American people have every right through their state legislatures to pass amendments that repeal the 16th (income tax) and 17th (general election of Senators, instead of appointment of Senators by the state legislatures) amendments. They could pass amendments imposing term limits on Congress and the Judiciary, which whould go a long way toward cutting out the dead wood that is progressivism so that new representatives and judges could be elected and appointed, who would say repeal Title IX, reform the education system, overturn Roe v. Wade, end no fault divorce and paternity fraud, require the Congress to be bound by the laws it passes, such as insider trading, etc. The states are sovereign, and they can reign in the federal goverment, but it's going to take a concerted movement across the country.

Another book that offers solutions is The Black Book of the Left, by David Horowitz, which is actually a multi-volume series of his collected writings. Horowitz's main point is that conservatives are good at certain things--they understand how the economy works, and they understand the Constitution--but they don't understand how progressives think.

He illustrates how the progressives have taken over control of the language, the schools, the courts, the media, and indeed the government. He argues that conservatives are too complacent, that they don't want confrontation but compromise, and in that event the progressives win. These people live, eat, drink and sleep politics, and they are headstrong in implementing their agenda, which is the transformation and destruction of America.

This really is a war for the survival of the country. Farrell identifies the problems, which is the necessary first step. Levin recommends a legislative solution, which will work. And Horowitz reveals how the enemy thinks and works, which is by using the American system against itself. Knowing thy enemy is essential in the art of war.

The communistst/progressives had a plan, which they implemented in the 1950s--disrupt the nuclear family, disenfrachise men, destroy the middle class, take control of the language, schools, media, courts, and legislatures. It's a pogrom that has been decades in the making, and frankly the progressives have been very successful at it. The conservatives, the tradionalists, have indeed been complacent, and so now this is where we are, on the losing side of a war.

The progressives have a clear vision and a determination to undercut, undermine and destroy traditional America. The conservatives do not have a clear vision and a determination to preserve traditional America. They are complacent, afraid of conflict. They're scared. That's the real problem right there.

Identifying the problem is one thing, offering a solution is another. There are Constitutional and legal avenues the American people can pursue to stop the decline of this great country. But knowing thy enemy is the most important, because they're going to use the system against you.

So, yeah, I highly recommend these three books. Identify the problem, propose a legislative solution, and know thy enemy.

We are involved in a Civil War, not a violent one yet but it may soon become one. And we conservatives have more guns than the progressives, so it wouldn't be much of a fight.

The point being that conservatives through their state legislatures can solve all of these problems. But they need to be as organized and determined as the progressives are. The problem is that the conservatives are always squabbling amongst themselves, while the progressives remain in lock step.

The Stupid Party will do as the Stupid Party does. The Corrupt Party will do as the Corrupt Party doees. This is a war between stupidity and corruption.

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