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.00001 Billion Rising: Another Failed Mass Movement

The Afghan contingent unleashed the unbeatable Adorable Little Girl Gambit.

It's impossible to hold a protest in the Bay Area without the word "Palestinian" cropping up at least once, regardless of how irrelevant it is to the theme of the event. This "one-state solution" button was at least phrased less abrasively than the usual anti-Israel message.

Oh, I forgot: The whole point of 1 Billion Rising is to DANCE. Dance away rape, dance away violence, dance away patriarchy. The exact mechanism for how this works is left unclear, but whatever. To that end, various dance troupes were brought in to entertain the crowd, most of whom were, frankly, decidedly mediocre. The one exception were the Bollywood dancers, who stole the show.

They were so good, they get two photos.

For some reason this participant drew an inflatable sex doll on her placard. Not quite sure what message was intended by this.

A few MSM reporters showed up and were visibly disappointed. So mostly they just lounged around and chatted, since there was very little at the event worth reporting on. Here, Patti Lee of KTVU sips coffee and kills time with her colleagues.

This reporter from Telemundo apparently did not get the memo that the patriarchy has been smashed, and anachronistically dressed in heteronormative style.

In the organizers' trailer parked right next to the stage, the security guard (or perhaps he was a sound engineer) sat playing video games.

But when I checked him out a short time later, he was now watching some kind of "Girls Gone Wild" softcore porn. Which, considering that he was inches away from a feminist rally, struck me as absolutely hilarious.