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Walk for Life vs. Roe v. Wade birthday party: Abortion showdown SF

So off I went with the extremist pro-abortion "StopPatriarchy.org" contingent to confront the "fascist" (as I was informed) Walk for Life.

But a no-holds-barred pro-life group called "World Life Organization" had set up an advance outpost at Powell and Market to intercept and distract the StopPatriarchy.org raiding party before they could reach the main pro-life headquarters at Civic Center. The plan worked perfectly, as the arriving leftists went apoplectic with rage upon seeing the aborted fetuses slideshow on WLO's gigantic electronic billboard. [Update: The Walk for Life organizers emailed to say: "We did everything in our power to get the people with the jumbotron not to come — they are NOT part of Walk for Life. We are a family event and these kinds of images are not appropriate."]

The chanting pro-abortion crowd swarmed around the World Life Organization's fortified encampment.

They at first tried to cover up the electronic billboard with their signs, but it was far too large and elevated.

The leftists' next tactic was to scream that the images were somehow faked. And while that claim was self-evidently not true — one has seen enough images of mid-term and late-term abortions to know that the bloody shredded mini body parts shown on the screen were real enough — I was bothered by an uneasy feeling that the images were "off" in a way that at first I couldn't pin down. Then it dawned on me: The images may not have been "faked," but they must have been "staged." Why else would there be a child's crayon positioned next to dismembered fetuses? Other scenes showed short video clips of someone poking a surgical implement into a soup of abortion leftovers. The only explanation I could come up with is that anti-abortion activists somehow gained (or were granted) access to an abortion clinic's or hospital's "medical waste," which they then photographed and videotaped to show as vividly as possible the gruesome aftermath of what aborted fetuses really look like — what the doctors and the pro-choice activists don't want you to see. So while the body parts shown on the billboard were almost certainly real, I think the WLO may have gone a bit overboard with the melodramatic heart-rending crayons and so forth.

It seemed that many of the pro-abortion crowd actually thought that this small outpost was the entirety of the Walk for Life, so they deployed their "THIS MARCH HATES WOMEN" arrows.

In reality, the Walk for Life organizers themselves tried to talk the WLO out of showing the aborted fetuses, but weren't successful at stopping them: "A Jumbotron displaying a graphic video of aborted children was set up by an anti-abortion group midway along the Walk route, despite efforts by Walk organizers to dissuade the group from playing the video."

The WLO sent emissaries into the hostile crowd to engage in one-on-one ideological combat.

I didn't see any minds being changed, but one WLOer with a sort of Amish beard was doing a good job of answering every argument his opponents could come up with.

Keep in mind that all this was happening at Powell and Market — the famous cable-car turnaround.

As the brakemen rotated the cable cars, the tourists dutifully lined up and tried their best to act blasé about the screaming and chanting just steps away.

And screaming there was. Inert photos can never quite capture the volume, emotion and hostility erupting from the protesters. This video of Mr. Amish Beard facing off against a phalanx of pro-abortionists gives a good taste of what it was like to be in the crowd. (Video courtesy of contributor Juklux.)

The screaming pro-abortion woman would just not stop tormenting Mr. Amish Beard, who did everything he could to control himself.

Further confusing the male leftists was the fact that WLO's leather-jacketed spokeswoman was exactly the kind of girl whom, in any another setting, they might ask out on a date.

But her post beneath a grim abortion montage was guaranteed to quash any suitor's romantic notions.

China's totalitarian government often enforces its "one-child policy" by performing forced abortions — no "choice" involved — on unwilling pregnant mothers; while in the former Soviet Union abortion was the primary means of birth control. Yet this schmuck showed up with a Maoist bookbag and hammer-and-sickle beret- and lapel pins. If he was trying to send a message, he succeeded.

Occupy Oakland, having run out of things to smash and any other rationale for their continued existence, crossed the Bay to protest for abortion because...because...uh...Liberate Everything and Down With Capitalism!

Obama's Biggest Fan threw his support to the pro-abortion side, naturally. Notice all the things he's grateful to Obama for: SSI, CNN, Section 8, NPR, HUD, MSNBC, and marijuana, among others. A veritable stereotype come to life.

The leftists lugged around a massive yet nearly indecipherable blue-green banner which, under closer inspection, was an annotated map which listed capitalism's crimes against women — continuing the message from the earlier rally which conflated restrictions on abortion with every imaginable human rights violation.

But the map taught me one incontrovertible fact: If anything bad happens to any woman anywhere in the world, it's America's fault.

Does the left intentionally turn every argument into a farce — by, for example, wearing an African hat and beating a crazy drum as their reply to serious moral questions — or just does it turn out that way by accident?