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Obama in Palo Alto: Fundraising with the Rich Radicals

This sign gave me an idea of how we can bridge the gap between the progressives and the Tea Party: How about we impose a big "carbon tax" to replace the income tax, which could then be abolished? A two-fer! Everyone's happy.

The KKK (Keystone Kalamity Knockers) put together an unwieldy but visually effective full-size pipeline mockup and paraded it through the crowd.

Needless to say, the TV camera crews followed them around; the media always dutifully nibbles at the protesters' lens-bait.

Meanwhile, this more modest home-spun faux-pipeline was going unphotographed, so I took pity on it.

Final word goes to an unapologetic Obama-basher.

And remember our cutesy entrepreneurial lemonade stand? Well, just as the anti-carbon progressives try to crush the overall American economy underfoot, on a smaller but poignantly symbolic scale, Palo Alto's anti-carbon protesters essentially put the lemonade stand out of business as the crowds drove away all the customers by making the retail environment business-unfriendly. Is this our future in miniature?


Earlier, while I was chatting with the neighbors, one of them said that she knew someone who shared a backyard fence with the McCues, and that she was going to see if he could surreptitiously record Obama's speech to the fundraiser. I expressed skepticism that this would even be possible, due to tight security — but lo and behold, they managed to pull it off. Here's a secretly recorded two-part video of Obama's speech recorded through the McCues' back fence (he's not very visible, but the audio is clear enough):

[youtube width="640" height="360"]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2WY_xBh2HEA#![/youtube]

Pretty trite, actually, and obviously a scripted speech.


Stung by criticism that he had once again swooped over Northern California to drain it of cash without so much as making even one on-the-record speech (much less holding a public event), Obama hastily scheduled a press conference this morning in San Jose . . . where the big take-away news is that his handlers forgot to place a pre-printed speech in front of him, and without a teleprompter or notes, Obama was essentially tongue-tied and unable to speak extemporaneously:

Now that's eloquence!