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Obama in Palo Alto: Fundraising with the Rich Radicals

And then at that moment the whole atmosphere changed. Neighbors heard a distant fracas and turned their heads to see the vanguard scouting party of the Keystone Kops, looking a little bit confused as they tried to locate the site of Obama's fundraiser. Found it!

Out came the iPhones and a few calls later the dam broke as a torrent of anti-Keystone protesters swarmed toward poor Mike McCue's house ("poor" in the sense of "unfortunate," obviously).

The onslaught surged forward toward their destination...

...but were stopped dead in their tracks by a riot line of Palo Alto cops and Homeland Security-type dudes.

And so we had no choice but to settle in for a long afternoon of old-school protesting, which generally means milling around posing for the media and trying to stave off nagging feelings of frustration and irrelevance.

I pretty much deconstructed the entire anti-Keystone protest movement that last time these guys showed up to protest Obama, and I have little to add to that analysis, so go read my previous report if you want to find out what the main phalanx of protesters was protesting and why.

Here are some of their painfully awful chants, for your entertainment (much easier on the ears to read as text than to actually have to hear them enunciated). Really, how clever was it to rhyme "homes" with (brace yourself) "home"?

Stand up for the water

Stand up for the homes

Hey TransCanada

Take your pipeline home

Of much greater interest to me are the freelance and small-group protesters who showed up as well. As noted in a teaser post I made a few hours ago about this protest, most intriguing was a handful of protesters focused on a story that had only broken a few hours earlier — the domestic surveillance scandal (which is already merging with the earlier journalist-harassing scandal and IRS scandal to become a sort of "Big Government is the Enemy of the People" meta-scandal). “Obama — Stop Spying on Americans!” pretty much sums it up perfectly.

Another sign the group had read “Obama Ignores U.S. Constitution — Targets U.S. citizens for DEATH — Spies on Americans — Wages Unauthorized Wars.”

And who was this bold group willing to protest where other faux-protest groups (like the anti-Keystone Klowns) fear to tread? Why, it was (really brace yourself this time) CODE PINK! (Or at least people affiliated with CODE PINK.)

Yes, CODE PINK and the Tea Party, once mortal enemies, are now protesting against the same thing (government surveillance of citizens). It takes a special kind of president to bring together Americans from all sides of the political spectrum . . . in opposition to his policies.

June 6 just happened to also be "Solidarity with the Turkish Uprising Day"...

...and so there were several protesters on-hand showing their support for the embattled rioters in Istanbul.

California condors (the largest bird in North America) had their defenders as well.

Returning to our earlier theme of people who by their very existence violate our socio-political stereotypes...Progressives will tell you that Christians are repulsive, bitter and obese small-minded sexless rednecks...while conservatives often like to note how leftists grow into ugly spiteful harridans due to having souls full of hate...and yet here was a protester from "The Christian Left" (!?!?) who was neither ugly nor sexless.

Stop challenging our stereotypes so beguilingly!

Fulfilling their role as a virtual cold shower, the ever-repulsive Raging Grannies broke into song.