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1 Billion Rising San Francisco

Of course there was a giant puppet. No self-respecting protest is complete without a giant puppet.

In case I haven't made it clear yet, the whole purpose behind "1 Billion Rising" is to get women around the world to DANCE!!!!!, and this somehow will stop rape and and sexual violence from ever occurring again. So the majority of the rally involved loud disco/techno music coming out of the speakers, and various portions of the crowd erupting into either choreographed or free-form dance, depending on how much they had rehearsed.

This teen group had obviously been practicing religiously for the event. Studying can be hard!

A key visual feature of 1 Billion Rising were special performers dressed all in white who stood around like Mournful Lolita Mimes with sad messages and statistics. But for some odd reason, almost every single sign held by these actors had this or that peculiar grammatical error, like "I rise for women who have died to domestic violence."

Or "I rise for women who have died to gang rape."

Or "Your Daughter. Sister. Mother. Wife. 1 in 3 raped or beaten." (In this case the peculiarity is mathematical rather than grammatical.)

Others made logic errors on top of the grammar errors, like this sign which assumes that statistics apply evenly to everyone across a population.

And there there were mime signs that were just plain wrong.

All the vagina-monitoring organizations were on hand, such as Planned Parenthood.

At this rally I learned of yet another leftist academic euphemism for "We can't think straight": Gender Democracy. Beware.

It had a lot of competition, but this was definitely the strangest sign of the day:

"Know what's up or you gonna get cut. Respect our/Be nice to bees or your gonna be stung."

Just back away slowly.

And a parting message: Elefant says no to rape.

Glad to hear it.

Then the rally ended. Reality rumbled on. And nothing changed.