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1 Billion Rising San Francisco

A little lesson in photo editing:

From the stage, at a certain angle, one could take a photo encompassing the entire crowd, making it look pretty big.

Even from the front of the crowd looking toward the back, it can be made to appear like a sea of people (and note all the media on the platform to the left).

But walk to the back of Civic Center Plaza, and take a picture from a distance, and my oh my, it certainly seems like a small event!

See how deceptive photos can be, even when they're showing "reality"? Editors can choose which reality they want to show.

So, how many people were there? I'm terrible at crowd estimates, so I couldn't really say, but if forced to guess, I'd venture two thousand or so.

That may seem like a lot, but it felt tiny compared to the 50,000 protesters who had congregated at this exact spot just a couple weeks ago at the Walk for Life rally.

Of course, massive media showed up to cover yesterday's 2,000-strong left-wing rally, but there was practically no media on hand at all to cover the vastly larger conservative rally. Par for the course.

This is the sneaky side of media bias: deciding what to emphasize, and what to ignore. Everything they say in the newspaper may indeed be true; but it's the truths they don't tell you that are important.

The Revolutionary Communist Party showed up as well (and were embraced and accepted by the organizers, and not kicked out), still bearing some of their "Abortion on Demand and Without Apology" signs leftover from the pro-choice rally earlier in the year.

The communists seemed to be very popular with media, and gave several interviews. I'm quite sure that the communists were never identified as such in the news segments — they never are.

Trust me on this: If the Tea Party had stood in a circle and made a little black boy dance for them, it would have been The Racist Event of the Century. But here — it's perfectly OK. Move along, nothing to see.

The highlight of the rally was an extended "voguing" performance by a transvestite, shown here on 1 Billion Rising's huge Jumbotron. Because nothing says "women's power" like transvestitism.

The Qu'ran sign wasn't the only Islamic presence at the protest. A substantial contingent of attendees wore t-shirts that read, "Intifada of Women in the Arab World."

While, predictably, some protesters showed up wearing kaffiyehs.

Eve Ensler, for those of you blissfully unaware (oh how I envy you), is the creator of "The Vagina Monologues," a soul-destroying and culture-corrupting stage play that is now routinely performed in high schools across the country, in which teenage girls are encouraged by their teachers to read from the play's script, "Cunt cunt cunt cunt cunt CUNT CUNT CUNT CUNT CUNT!!!!!" This is education in America today.

Pen in hand, one eager V-Day participant filled out his personalized 1 Billion Rising sign with the most manic intensity I'd ever seen.

I could never quite get a full view of the whole thing, but what I could see read

...SF war mean's and

...wonder regulators and rape

...equseness and A stands for

...the P stand for people and

...stands eternity: and my

...is Karlam Cativo and

...call me Flaca our...

Later, he held up another, more customized sign reading

SF war stand for: Sucker

Free wonder above regulators and

Rape stand's for: Righteousness and

A stands for All People and the E stand

for eternity

Most people at the event were just regular-seeming, normal people. Note I said most — not all.

As always, Frank Chu showed up with his ever-changing sign. Today it read:






Tattoo of the Day goes to this young feminist, whose naked female satyr-angel bespoke gender transgression, sexual freedom, and the need to rebel against one's parents.