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Occupy Oakland protests in FAVOR of child sex trafficking

Meanwhile, inside the conference itself, everything remained calm. The event announcement board nonchalantly listed the conference among other meetings at the hotel.

Most everyone was attending various sessions, so the lobby was pretty empty.

Many of the booths had heartbreaking displays. What form of political psychopathy would lead someone to oppose the abolition of child slavery? The Occupy movement has always been its own worst enemy; has it now become society's worst enemy as well?

Back out at the protest, one thing became clear: Occupy Oakland seems to have developed a burning hatred for "NGO"s, i.e. non-governmental organizations, better known in the U.S. as "do-gooder nonprofits." While there may be a few suspect NGOs with ill intentions, the vast majority exist only to help people. Whether or not that help does any good is a separate issue; but most at least try to benefit society.

But in the Occupy universe, any NGOs which cooperate with the "pigs" are nothing more than a "racket." Which means those folks trying to end the sexual enslavement of children are villains. The Bay of Rage site's official announcement for the protest clearly spelled out the Occupy position in this dispute:

This is What Patriarchy Looks Like:

The H.EAT. conference is a conference of pigs and their nonprofit lackeys to increase the harassment, imprisonment, marginalization and criminalization of sex workers. Fronting as a conference against “child trafficking,” this conference brings pigs and nonprofits together to develop policing strategies that line their pockets while leaving sex workers exploited and disempowered. Pigs and nonprofits hide behind lies about “safety” and “protection” while they profit off the incarceration and “reformation” of sex workers. These pigs and nonprofits neurotically plug their ears to the fact they themselves are exactly the reason sex work can exist. Sex work, like all forms of work, can only exist within a society based on hierarchical economic systems like capitalism, which are protected by the police and patronizing reformist organizations that keep exploited people from revolting. The pigs are the enemies of sex workers, and of all workers.

Let’s shut this fucker down!!!!!

Do you agree with this view?

"Sex workers sell our bodies for $ — NGO's sell their souls for $$."

"Molotovs not NGOs" reads this sign which encourages violence to defend the practice of child prostitution.

The protesters' main banner said "Fucking to survive is life under capitalism." This succinctly sums up the nearly incomprehensible cognitive dissonance at the core of the Occupy Oakland Patriarchy philosophy. They manage to hold two mutually exclusive thoughts simultaneously:

1. We are sex workers and proud of it, and there is nothing wrong with prostitution, so stop oppressing us with your prudish laws; and

2. The only reason we are compelled to have this degrading and unpleasant profession is that capitalism forces people to exchange labor for money — only a total anti-capitalist revolution can put an end to prostitution.

Now, needless to say, one would go insane trying to maintain both these ideas at the same time, which is apparently what has happened to the members of Occupy Oakland Patriarchy.

But don't take my word for it. I will now give them a chance to explain their position. Here is the flyer that the protesters were handing out to passersby:

Read the whole thing if you're interested in trying to grasp where Occupy is coming from on this issue. The back side of the flyer continues here...:

While the flyer tries to present a somewhat mollified explanation for their opposition to the conference, the protesters' violent actions and in-your-face signs tell a different story.

This was my favorite sign of all: "Get those fucking fuckers out of my Fuck."

Another protester dispensed with words entirely and summed up her position by displaying on her back an anatomical chart of a vagina and reproductive system. And here I thought the whole point of the feminist movement was to elevate women beyond just being "a life support system for a pu**y." Guess I misunderstood.