Decolonize Oakland May Day Occupy Rally

The "Schmuck of the Day" Award went to this grinning creep from the anti-Israel group "Jewish Voice for Peace."

My "favorite" protest group, QUIT (Queers Undermining Israeli Terror) showed up as well, temporarily rebranding themselves (as they often do) this time to "Queers for Open Borders," to fit the tenor of the event.

Lurking behind the curtain was ANSWER, who are the ones who actually did all the physical logistics of organizing the rally. The stage/sound-truck was an ANSWER vehicle; the security team all wore ANSWER vests; many of the signs were printed by ANSWER. This makes sense, since ANSWER, of all revolutionary communist groups, has been the most self-critical of its white privilege, and has already experienced the internal anti-racist coup that Decolonize Oakland wants to impost on Occupy.

Code Pink waddled down to Fruitvale as well, bringing with them...

...their mile-long banner delineating every crime ever committed by the white US government.

Machete imagery was in vogue at the rally.

I can only hope that the machetes referenced the tools used by hard-working sugar cane choppers, and were not to imply a violent uprising. Heaven forbid.

The hands! The tragic hands!

It's reassuring to know that these are the people who teach our children.

Fact: state-controlled economies never get high enough to crash; they just stay permanently at the bottom.

A good example of the principle I outlined in an earlier report: If you put a heart (or a smiley-face or a peace sign) on any message, no matter how menacing, it suddenly becomes delightful!

Hmmmm, kind of hard to affix a noncommittal appendix to this message, however.

All afternoon, smug douchebags unconsciously reveling in their white privilege poured off BART to the rally.

Could they even sense the barely suppressed hostility, or were they oblivious all day?

Conclusion: Oblivious.

Dudes, read the manifesto! Being radical doesn't absolve you of white privilege!

Sigh. But no — they wouldn't listen.

Even some white anarchists dared to bring their downtown Occupy supremacy to the Fruitvale class struggle. You're treading on thin ice people, and you don't even know it.

The Mercedes Benz Marketing Department sent out a publicity team to spread the good word about Mercedes Benz. People happily put Mercedes logos on their signs.

Yes, those new sedans are certainly making history, with classic styling and good gas mileage!

Jobs -- jobs in the Mercedes plant! If enough people buy their cars, then all the Germans will stay employed, and they won't have a generation of shiftless young men, and thus won't start another war. Why has no one thought of this solution before?

This sign was originally ultra-Caucasian, but by adding upside-down question marks and exclamation marks, it was magically transformed into an Hispanic-friendly message. Quick thinking!

Finally the march started, for a relatively uneventful slog back to downtown — after which, I went home, exhausted.