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Wisconsin election update: Blog post from 1956 documents bullying union tactics


Here are a few short excerpts from the pamphlet, with transcriptions:

"The greatest power of coercion is latent in the government. Through its "political action" program, the union seeks to take over this power and use it to its own ends."

"The Class Struggle — The promotion of class hatred and class warfare aids only those who would supplant our economy with a socialist economy. Union leaders who convince the workman that his employer is his natural enemy — that his interests call for 'militancy' and constant conflict — serve only the Marxian doctrine."

"Are unions entitled to engage in violent, coercive and illegal conduct to enforce their demands?

This is the issue we have been facing at Kohler the past two years.

That is the issue that faces the American public."

"The principal demand was for some form of 'union shop' -- i.e., compulsory unionism.

It is our belief that the company has no more right to force an employee to join a union to get or hold a job than it has to prohibit his joining a union.

Kohler Co. is opposed to any form of compulsory unionism.

The widespread public support of our position in this respect has caused the union to drop this demand temporarily.

But, and make no mistake about it, this issue is never abandoned. The UAW-CIO is as violently opposed as ever to 'right-to-work laws'."

"The UAW-CIO did not come to Kohler with the high purpose of protecting down-trodden workingmen. They came to a company where physical working conditions are exemplary, where real wages had been maintained and earnings were high, to a field which appeared ripe for a harvest of dues."

"The fact is you can never settle with this union except on their terms. You meet their demands exactly, or else."

"Then began the picketing of homes of non-strikers. Mobs of hundreds of strikers and sympathizers, howling and hooting, threatened non-striking employees and their families. This was finally stopped by an injunction.

There have been more than 800 incidents of violence and vandalism away from the picket lines. These included gunshot blasts into homes, dynamiting of automobiles and buildings, paint bombings, window smashing, tire slashings, the throwing of acid onto automobiles and inside houses."