This Is What a Blue State Looks Like: Rally for Nudity in SF

See anything shocking in this picture?

That's correct — what's shocking are the gas prices at the Chevron station behind the plaza. $4.89/gallon is now the going price for gas in many California cities. If there's any political issue people should be worked up over, it should be the price of gas, not the lack of clothing!

The protest was not exclusively all-male, as you might presume. There were at least five or six (and possibly as many as ten) naked female protesters as well, ranging from...

...the decidedly zaftig... the slender. Note her complete absence of tan lines, suggesting that outdoor nudity is an ongoing state of affairs for her, not a one-time-only political statement.

At one point a cluster of the 40 or 50 most dedicated activists went on a protest march through the streets of the city.

Well, not the whole "city," actually. They kept it reasonable and stayed entirely in the Castro District. Baby steps.

Slogans were shouted. Heads were turned.

In the windows overlooking Castro Street, sympathetic citizens (and Obama supporters) cheered them on and snapped souvenir photos to record this historical moment when nudism came out of the closet.


They walked past the famous Castro Theater, which was advertising a performance by Peaches Christ, a popular local drag queen and "emcee, actress, producer, and part-time cult-leader."

Along the route, Café Mystique offered a "Bottomless Mimosa" — unfortunate coincidence, or political statement? Or do you only get free mimosas if you come into the café without pants?

You may have noticed that some protesters seem to be wearing what looks like a red cross; it's actually a sticker that says "No Nudity Ban."

Every now and then the activists would consent to gather in a circle to hear political diatribes against our clothed oppressors.

But mostly it was just about hanging out and having a good time.

Frustratingly for the rubberneckers, many of the protesters tended to face inward to entertain each other, rather than turn outward to entertain the crowd. The end result was that most passersby saw nothing but a lot of butts.

The most intriguing sight was this: Despite a huge naked protest being held just a few yards away, some of the most well-known and dedicated nudists stood off by themselves on Market Street, casually sipping coffee, as if it was just another unremarkable day in the Castro. They're so cool, they can't even be induced to join a rally celebrating their coolness! (Actually, I think these three were secretly the "guys behind the guys behind the guys," the consiglieri orchestrating the whole thing!)