San Failcisco: Occupy Anniversary Rally Flops in SF

Some Occupiers wore party hats to celebrate the movement's one-year birthday.

I've been taking pictures of protests for ten years now, and in all that time I have never seen anyone get the idea to make a sign and hold it on his face with a pair of glasses. Until today. It's very very rare to see an original idea at a protest, so this guy gets my Occupier of the Week award.

A sign left behind by the organizers listed "spongeing" as a topic of serious discussion by the General Assembly. I appreciate the honesty! ("Drugs/alcohol/idiocy" also seems to be an area of concern.)

Don't accuse the Occupiers of being liberals! No. They are "post liberal," as this protester clarifies.

Poor liberalism. It used to be an honorable concept. It's now a dirty word to the right and the left.

I guess Assata Shakur has never heard of Gandhi and the Indian independence movement.

Oddly, there was practically no mention of the presidential election at the rally, aside from this one LGBT endorsement of Obama and a couple of jabs at Romney's tax rate. Aside from that, Occupy has deliberately and consciously divorced itself from electoral politics — and in so doing relegated itself to eternal irrelevancy. (The theory being that we need a complete anti-capitalist revolution, something that can only happen outside the existing political structure.)

"The True terrorist of our world do not meet At the docks at midnight or scream 'Allah Ackbar' before some violent action. The true terroist of our time Wear 5,000 dollar suits and work in the Highest Position of finance, goverment & business."

If you can't decide whether the plural of "penny" is spelled with a "y" or an "i," then use both!

Apparently school teachers don't need to know how to spell in "Chicgo," wherever that is.

We were entertained by the abominable Brass Liberation Orchestra, seemingly composed of high school marching band rejects. Approximately 30% of their notes are in tune.

The entirety of the march walking down California Street. If you want your own crowd estimate, count 'em.

The only "resistance" I see in this crowd are the STDs becoming resistant to antibiotics.

Occupy: The jilted girlfriend who still stalks you a year later.

When the party was over, there was nothing left but "Smash the State" and Birkenstocks.

Happy Birthday Occupy!

After spending the afternoon hanging out with a bunch of fringe radicals who claimed to speak for "the working class," I got onto a rush-hour BART train, overflowing with corporate employees, and thought to myself, "These people are the real working class. People who actually work. And none of them have the slightest interest in the Occupy movement."

There were three times as many people on that one subway train than there were at the entire rally. And trains were loading up commuters every two minutes for hours and hours. They went home and relaxed, leaving an irrelevant, pathetic and tiny cluster of aimless revolutionaries to wander the streets.