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Sluts on Parade: SlutWalk SF 2012

Sluts could stock up on Feminist "Cliterature" at the pre-march rally.

As you might expect, it's all capitalism's fault. There is no rape in a socialist utopia!

Maxine Doogan, a prostitute who founded "The Erotic Service Providers' Union," gave an emotional, if hesitant speech, in which she concluded each summation of Republican sexism with, "And that's not right."

Rarely do I ever see the normally street-smart San Francisco police do something stupid and naive, but they fell for it this time: After Doogan repeatedly insulted and bashed the police in her speech, she went over to cops who were on hand to guide the march through the city, and asked them to pose for snapshots with her and her friends, to which the cops agreed — seemingly unaware that the photos were almost certain to be used sarcastically and mockingly.

Socialists and feminists marched together.

We trooped through the streets of the city.

"Slut Wranglers" kept us all herded together.

"6-inch pumps doesn't mean I want to hump."

"My ass is not an excuse for assault."

SlutWalk in a nutshell.

The full extent of the crowd; maybe a quarter of a block long. We headed off to the Castro District, where our message was so uncontroversial that it barely merited notice.

See you at SlutWalk 2013!

[Thanks to the various sluts who contributed photos and videos to the report.]