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Obama's first post-Wisconsin fundraiser "memejacked" by S.F. Tea Party

Needless to say, I was not wearing a pin of any kind. All the most newsworthy stuff is outside anyway.

When I got back to the main protest area, the media were still interviewing Tea Party members, even as the protest was breaking up.


The Tea Partiers gathered up their materials and headed off to the next event.

Here's something you don't see every day: a cotillion of Romney supporters strolling through downtown San Francisco.

Fundraiser #2 was nearby in a classic old temple of capitalism called The Merchants' Exchange, at the corner of Montgomery and California.

Barricades up and down the block and nearby streets had corralled protesters of all stripes into narrow "demonstration zones." This was the main one, facing the site of the fundraiser across the street.

Once again, almost everyone naively assumed that Obama would just drive up and enter through the front door. But I know that Obama's a back-door man, so I went on a huge detour to find the "Presidential Tent," a special security covering he uses when there is no underground garage; his limousine pulls into the tent, and only after he is completely out of sight does he exit the vehicle, then pass through a tent tunnel to the secured building. I found the only view of the tent with a telephoto lens down Leidesdorff Street, a nearby alleyway.

The protesters, ironically, were all forced to stand directly in front of the Wells Fargo world headquarters, which features this opulent but authentic 19th-century stage coach in the lobby of its home branch. "O-ho the Wells Fargo Wagon is a-comin' down the street...."

And then things got ugly for Barack Obama. The Tea Party was out in force, and the crowd was bristling with Romney placards, "Nobama" fingers, and biting sarcastic signs.

Obama's first post-Wisconsin fundraiser — this event happened only 15 hours after the Wisconsin election results came in — and the narrative has already blossomed. The Tea Party is nimble on its feet! This meme will torture Obama over the upcoming weeks.

Breitbart would be proud.

In this video sent in by a contributor, the Tea Party chants "With Obama what do you get? Nothing but crushing debt."

But it wasn't all Tea Partiers. Although the crowd was 100% anti-Obama, it was about evenly split between critics attacking him from the right and others attacking him from the left. The far-left activist group World Can't Wait showed up to protest Obama's use of drones.

In another submitted video, World Can't Wait demands that Obama be tried for war crimes:

Protester #1: Did you see the babies killed by the drones? Did you see the wedding parties slaughtered by the drones? Bush sent less than one-sixth of the drones to attack and murder people all over the Middle East than Obama has done just in the time he's been in office. Crimes are crimes, no matter who commits them. War crimes are war crimes, no matter who commits them.

Protester #2: Obama to the Hague! Obama to the Hague!

Greenpeace and other environmental groups dressed up in realistic polar bear costumes and not-quite-realistic polar bear hats to protest any potential oil drilling in the arctic.

Insanity! In more ways than one.

A small Code Pink contingent joined the anti-drone brigade.