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March of the Idiots at OccupyLA May Day

And then there is what strategists like to call "bad optics." Who exactly thought it would be a good idea to march around in paramilitary uniforms at a political rally which calls for the confiscation of other people's money? Are we seeing this generation's "brown shirts"?

And then there is the foolishness of environmental utopianism. Many young fools in the Occupy movement embrace the vague fantasy of some kind of magical "green" future in which neither humans, plants, animals nor the Earth are "oppressed," and everybody lives in beautiful harmony forever after. Oh, how glorious! (Will Thomas Hobbes please pick up the white courtesy telephone?)

He has a point. And so does the carpenter who says, "If no one's going to pay me to work my ass off for a year building a house for this lazy jerkwad, then he can go live in a cave for all I care."


But many people weren't even there for putative political or rational reasons. They just wanted to be the center of attention.

These rampaging anarchists, for example, paused mid-rampage to do some very public tai-chi or yoga. Hey, look at us! We are hipper than thou!


Narcissistic personality disorder, coupled with delusions of grandeur.

Hate to break the news to you, but no one's gonna respect you whether you're free or not.

Rest of the Report

These pictures only begin to touch on the many bizarre themes found at the protest. For example, for the first time I've ever seen, political radicals now carry quotations from the Qur'an to street protests. Start of a trend?

This sign was used to assault four police officers, as seen clearly around the 2:45 mark in this video. The perpetrators, of whom this is presumably one, got away with it. The video reveals exactly how Occupy's strategy works: They blindside the police with an unprovoked assault, then the attackers instantly scatter, while other Occupiers with cameras are waiting immediately behind to record the police's hoped-for overreaction. And they think that this is so very clever that no one's yet caught on to their tricks.

Like I said: Idiocy.

Ringo's report has much much more. Check it out: "Occupy May Day / General Strike - Los Angeles".