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Tea Party Rallies for Romney in San Francisco

Photo courtesy of Larry in SF

While the event was, admittedly, almost as monochromatic as an Occupy rally, there were some TPOCs (Tea Partiers of Color) on hand, including one guy opposed to Obama's hypocrisy and Big Brother-esque tactics.

Plenty of "youth" as well. The flag in the boot is a nice touch.

The messages ranged from the plain-spoken and ultra-concise...

...to the wordy and punctuation-challenged. But tell us how you really feel.

Sometimes a sign needs two sides...

...to convey the full message.

One hopes — prays — that his kid helped him make the sign.

In case it's not clear: the caduceus transforms into a screw.

From Obama's perspective, Tea Partiers show a distressingly thorough familiarity with Saul Alinsky's teachings.

My nominee for...well, let's just say strangest sign of the day.

Calls for NObama finger-wagging got the crowd excited every time.

Everything you need to know.

Everything else you need to know.

If one single sign summed up the whole rally, this is it.

Want more? Check out Fund47's report and City Square's report for plenty additional photos.