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Tea Party Rallies for Romney in San Francisco

One infiltrator passed completely unnoticed in the crowd; this guy is a far-left activist who has been a regular at Bay Area communist and anti-war events for at least ten years (and probably a lot longer than that), but no one there (except me) recognized him; and since all he did was politely and silently stroll around snapping pictures, I guess he was welcome anyway. Maybe if he spends enough time at Tea Parties and sees that they're not hate-fests after all, then we can take one more step on that road to reconciliation.

But mostly the would-be handful of counter-protesters just hovered hesitantly on the periphery, aghast at the horror show of patriotism and fiscal austerity they were witnessing.

More scenes from the rally:

Photo courtesy of Larry in SF

A brilliant riff on last year's Internet meme, "Don't taze me, bro!"

A hundred years from now, cultural anthropologists would still be able to identify the precise day this photo was taken; the "Hunger Games" pin and the freshly confident "Romney" sticker pinpoint the moment in history almost exactly.

Photo courtesy of Larry in SF

Another unmistakable riff on a specific moment in history: The hundredth anniversary of the Titanic disaster is given a new political update: "Obama — our Titanic."

The KSFO radio booth had startlingly realistic cardboard cutouts of Sarah Palin and Ronald Reagan.

The Ron Paul people tried to put on a brave face, but the momentum was very clearly not on their side anymore. At least they had a presence, however; there wasn't even a hint of anything involving the word "Gingrich" anywhere at the rally.

Tea Partiers love them some "NObama 2012" finger-wagging foam fingers. If you want to order some of your own, head on over to the sidebar of the SF Tea Party site.

This acronymization of the "Swindlera" scandal wasn't entirely successful on a syntactical level, but gets an "A" for effort nonetheless.

Brutal, to the point, and correct. Note the presence of the Breitbart icon.

Photo courtesy of Larry in SF

This guy is by now a regular at all Tea Party events, but his clever get-up never fails to amuse.