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Occupiers foreclose on Wells Fargo's CEO John Stumpf, auction off his home

The usual suspects were on hand, comprising a substantial proportion of the crowd. I saw members of the SEIU...

...ANSWER Coalition...

...The Party for Socialism and Liberation...

...Code Pink...

...and some guy who was a member of both a socialist group and Occupy Wall Street.

No really, we're mainstream! "We Are the 99%!" etc., and so forth.

(Photo courtesy of Larry in SF.)

I say that there were about a hundred "protesters" there, but in fact about 75 of them, including me, "Larry in SF," and the folks you see here, were photographers or reporters covering the event. Just about everybody had a camera.

A lame attempt to fashion a modern foreclosure-themed remake of "War is not healthy for children and other living things," a famous anti-war poster from the '60s. That's Edvard Munch's "Frown" as the illustration.

So, let me get this straight: Wells Fargo allows immigrants to live in big homes that they otherwise could not afford, by offering mortgage loans with no credit checks, and simultaneously imprisons immigrants in detention centers. Dastardly!

(As you can tell, I'm highly cynical about this entire narrative. The phrase "predatory lending" is the most Orwellian doubletalk euphemism of the last ten years. Here's a rule of thumb for ya: Don't buy things you can't afford, and don't take out loans you can't pay back. Is that so hard to remember?)

(Photo courtesy of Larry in SF.)

We don't tax the rich? At all?

In reality, of course, the rich pay the highest tax rate of any income group. And it is the poor, not the rich, who pay no income taxes. But hey, that wouldn't make a snappy button, would it?

Not everybody was on-message. Some anti-Smart Meter conspiracy theorists tried to tie in their message to the protest's overall theme by pointing out that Wells Fargo invests in PG&E. Naturally, these off-topic hangers-on had the biggest and most visible sign, muddying the thrust of the event.

Whatever happened to the Truthers? Why, they became the Occupiers. As I walked away, I encountered one of the protesters' Priuses parked nearby, plastered with both "Occupy" and "9/11 Truth" stickers.

And then the protest petered out, and nothing had changed. The end.

Also see:

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