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Tea Party and OWS Protest Side-By-Side Against Obama in San Francisco

Obama's First San Francisco Fundraiser: Intercontinental Hotel, Howard Street

The police had the entire district around the Intercontinental Hotel blocked off, to keep away the hoi polloi. That's the hotel in the distance, the bluish skyscraper. There were no protesters here at all, just 25 or so random passersby who stumbled by chance into the President's path.

Of all the people there, only one had an overtly political message: the event's lone Obama supporter.

Suddenly, the air was filled with tension as the cops abruptly stopped all traffic on intersecting streets.

No one knew from which direction Obama would arrive, but luck was with me and with almost no warning Obama's motorcade thundered down Howard right past where I was standing. This video records the glorious moment.

I couldn't take photos and video at the same time, so the only "snapshot" I got of Obama this time around was this freezeframe from the video, which (if you squint) shows him in the back of his passing limo.

By far the most thrilling part of any Obama visit is the roar of the engines from his escort of police motorcycles. I refer to this phenomenon as "Democratic NASCAR."


And Obama slipped unseen into the Intercontinental, to do the bidding of his .0001% masters.

I won't even say anything more about the breathtaking hypocrisy of Obama hobnobbing and having intimate conversatios with the ultra-rich, who finance his campaign so as to have access to him, while at the same time he pretends to be a "man of the people." I've said enough about this in the past (as have a lot of people on both sides of the aisle), and what I said then still stands.