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Tea Party and OWS Protest Side-By-Side Against Obama in San Francisco

Over at the Tea Party end of the protest zone, the cops chilled and relaxed. At one point, the Tea Partiers actually started chanting, "We love the cops!", to counteract the Occupiers' overt hostility toward the police.

But pot and the budget weren't the only two issues on the table. A substantial contingent of religious pro-life protesters showed up as well, angry about Obama's recent assaults on religious freedom as regards to abortions and birth control.

I was particularly amused by this riff on the old feminist pro-abortion slogan, "Keep your hands off my body" (or alternately "Keep your morals off my body"). Two can play at that game!

Meanwhile, at the end of the block, the Presidential Tent awaited the late arrival of His Highness. We'll see more about how these tents work later in the report. This one in particular reminded me of a Pasha's tent from the old Ottoman Empire, with an imperious guard crossing his arms to intimidate potential intruders.

The protest rolled on for hours. Sally kept the media entertained with some pithy Tea Party quips.

Meanwhile the Occupiers pleaded with Obama to "stop raping the Earth for profit."

And the pro-lifers reminded him that "Pregnancy is not a disease."

But this was just the final scene of a long Obama day. He first arrived in San Francisco many hours earlier, and went straight from the airport to the Intercontinental Hotel where he held an ultra-exclusive $38,500-per-person meeting with twenty 1%ers and granted them a "roundtable" to hear and (presumably) implement their demands orders tit-for-tats concerns.

I was of course there as well. Outside, at least.