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The Coming of the New Ice Age: End of the Global Warming Era?

Something's Gotta Give

"Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold," as William Butler Yeats once wrote. This disconnect between reality and hysteria can't last forever. As impervious as Global Warmists may be to facts, they're highly sensitive to their social environment. Eventually, as the general public loses interest in humoring the hysterics, whose status is rapidly dropping from "cutting-edge hipsters" to "embarrassing kooks," the Alarmists will go into a huddle and emerge with a new crisis scenario so horrifying and immediate that something must be done NOW! And that something, as we learned above, will be the exact same something prescribed to solve the previous crisis.

We already saw the first half of this transition just a short time ago. For years, the crisis peddlers threw all their weight behind the phrase "Global Warming" to describe the looming disaster. But in recent years as data crept in casting some doubt on their prognostications, the phrase "Global Warming" was inconspicuously discarded and replaced with the more flexible "Climate Change." Voilà! No matter what the weather did, it could be chalked up to "climate change," because hey, change could go either way, right?

Needless to say, however innocuous "climate change" may have sounded, the activists said Trust us, it's way worse than mere "global warming," so the drastic solutions we proposed earlier are still required.

But the ever-growing mountain of evidence pointing to an eventual (naturally occurring) ice age phase in the distant future may trigger yet another huddle among the climate change crowd. Perhaps after a suitable wait, banking on everyone's short memory, they'll re-emerge from the huddle this time dropping "Climate Change" for something ice-age themed, like "Accelerated Glaciation," or perhaps "Man-Made Chill Factor."

And you can guarantee that they'll have a solution for this new crisis; and it will be the exact same solution they announced for climate change, and for global warming before that, and yes, for the looming ice age they worried about the previous time back in the '70s: De-industrialize the First World, end civilization as we know it, and cede power to "the global south," i.e. the Third World.

The Evidence

To prepare you for this eventuality, I hereby present scans from The Weather Conspiracy: The Coming of the New Ice Age, published in 1977 and written by "The Impact Team," a coalition of authors from various fields.

Each scan below is taken from a page in The Weather Conspiracy: The Coming of the New Ice Age; click on any image to see the passage in context on the full page.

Under each passage I'll make a few comments; but in general, the text speaks for itself.

Think of this as a warning from the past. Not a warning about looming ice ages, but rather a warning to ignore politically motivated disaster-mongers.