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Occupy Cal time-travels back to the '60s

Communists, BAMN, and ¡¡CHEMTRAILS!!

The obsession with bête noire Fox News continues unabated.

An spectrum is haunting the United States: the OCCUPY MOVEMENT.

I couldn't have said it better myself.

After I left, former U.S. Labor Secretary and current U.C. professor Robert Reich came out and riled up the crowd with a rousing anti-capitalist diatribe.

Afterward, as planned, the Occupiers once again set up some tents in defiance of the University's anti-camping rules, hoping to initiate another conflict with the police. Which I'm sure is happening as I type. Stay tuned.


Here's the full speech from Robert Reich from later in the evening:


A follow-up article in the S.F. Chronicle says that the Occupiers only put up 10 tents.

Having a protest in a place and then going home afterward does not count as "occupying" it. If you leave afterward, then it's just another protest, to which you have affixed a grandiose name. Ten tents for 2,000 "occupiers"?

I guess they had to call it an "occupation," otherwise everyone would have rightfully called it "just another random day at Cal with yet another random protest, like every other day."


For those curious about the on-campus shooting that happened at the same time as this march and rally: I didn't mention it because from initial reports it seemed to be a completely unconnected incident. Turns out I was right. A new student at the business school for some reason went berserk and brought a gun to the computer lab; when police showed up, he acted threateningly and waved the gun with several innocent people around, so the cops shot him; he later died in the hospital. The incident seems to be completely apolitical, so it was not included in the report, despite the freakish coincidence of it happening at the exact same moment as a major protest nearby. Must be quite a stressful time to be a U.C. police officer.


As predicted:

Police clear Occupy Cal encampment at 3:30am

Police in riot gear surprised campers with an early morning raid on the Occupy Cal encampment in Sproul Plaza today, arresting two protesters and removing about 20 tents.

Police surrounded the 40 or so campers at 3:30 a.m. in front of Sproul Hall, UC Berkeley's main administration building, and gave them 10 minutes to grab their gear and go. All but two did.