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Occupy Cal time-travels back to the '60s

"By Any Means Necessary," the ultra-radical pro-Affirmative Action group, helped lead the march.

This generation's "vanguard of the proletariat" got in some good training for the real revolution, which should be happening any day now.

"Occto-py Cal." I'm all in favor of puns in theory, but a pun has to have some kind of purpose or secondary meaning, something which eludes me in this pitiable example.

See, this is the core of the problem. The reason that I and countless people like me feel uncomfortable pouring more money into California's public universities is that they have been fully radicalized, and all I'd end up paying for with my tax dollars is more indoctrination. If you naively think that the rot only affects certain specific liberal arts departments, I have sad news for you: the infection has spread. As we see in this example, even the architecture department is now an arm of the revolution.

If our educational system hadn't been transformed into a cauldron of political extremism, I (and most Californians I'm sure) would be more than happy to keep it afloat with our tax dollars. Until and unless things get back on track, however: tough luck trying to convince voters to redistribute their own money to overpaid hypocritical leftist educators.

"Progressive stacking" applies to sign-holding as well, not just waiting in line at General Assemblies.

Back through campus we went, with Che leading the way.